The PSOE celebrates labor reform and accuses PP to buy the will of the two deputies of UPN

A "goal in own door". This is how they define the historical Error of the Popular Alberto Popular Deputy that this Thursday allowed labor reform into Congre

The PSOE celebrates labor reform and accuses PP to buy the will of the two deputies of UPN

A "goal in own door". This is how they define the historical Error of the Popular Alberto Popular Deputy that this Thursday allowed labor reform into Congress to take ahead. And, although a footballer dials in his own goal, "the winning team, wins".

The Minister of Presidency, relations with the Democratic Courts and Memory, Felix Bolaños, has used the football metaphor on Friday to celebrate the ruling of the PP and the progress of the text promoted by the Government Coalition, who saw the light wrapped in an enormous controversy : Through a "variable geometry" that disgust units can, with the rejection of its fundamental partners and under accusations of "Pucherazo" by the opposition.

Faced with this complaint, since the PSO has been accused of the PP of "Buying the Will" of the two deputies of UPN who, with his negative vote by surprise, had lying the labor reform of not being for the wrong vote of Alberto Home: "The only thing we have left for us to find out is the price that the PP has paid," the Socialist General Deputy Secretary, Adriana Lastra, who has accused the training led by Paul married to design a new episode of "political transburstism".

In this way, the theory of a new Tamyazo promoted by the weight pcogram between the parties that form the government. A thesis that also defends united can, from where it is also understood that the PSOE should learn the lesson that variable geometry is not reliable and that the only way to carry out the legislature is through the investiture block.

Thus, while the PP launches the suspicion of "prevarication" on Meritxell Batet, from the socialist side of the Council of Ministers, it has been sought to suffocate the "show" given by parties such as PP or VOX, which announced an appeal before the Constitutional Court in The case that the Congress table does not study homemade complaint, which ensures that his right to vote was "violated", because the sense of support he issued is contrary that he really expressed.

"If every time someone is wrong in the vote, it is necessary to repeat it, the deputies would not do anything else. They would be repeating voting continuously. It has always happened. When one is wrong, there is no second chance, for anyone", has expressed Bolaños in statements At a zero wave. "Where does the Rules of the House that there is a second chance?"

For this reason, Bolaños, who has recognized that the decree was approved by the "minimum", has asked the main party of the opposition that "accepts with sports" what happened during the afternoon of Thursday in the Hemicycle, which has defined in the background as "anecdotal" compared to the passage given in labor matter.

However, from the socialist flank of the government, despite the fact that "worries" that it is constantly questioned "the transparency and functioning of institutions, they will not be contrary to that the PP or another party go to justice. "Everyone has the right to appeal," said Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, but "the approved is what is worth".

Beyond the ruling of the popular parliamentary, that his party blames a computer failure, the controversy around this Thursday indicates the two deputies of UPN, Sergio Sayas and Carlos García Adamo, for skipping the discipline of vote and rejecting the decree.

It was Felix Bolaños one of the main ones in charge of attacking the supports to remove through an alternative arithmetic most for labor reform. However, he has said feeling "quiet" despite the fact that Navarre deputies, whom the UPN address has asked to deliver the minutes, voted against the criterion dictated by its training.

"My responsibility is to talk to everyone, I assume that when there is an agreement, it will be fulfilled," has expressed the Minister of Presidency, who, critical with Sayas and Adane, has said that he thought they were "people who fulfill his Word and are decent. "

Who was not so calm, has expressed Bolaños, were the deputies of the Block of Investiture who yesterday opposed the validation of the Royal Decree, including some "livid" countee during the first moments of confusion in which the bench of The right believed and celebrated that the reform raised by the executive had been repealed.

In the same line, the Ecological Transition Minister, Teresa Ribera, who has shown "surprised" that formations such as ERC, "a benchmark of the Catalan left", reject the "transcendental change" for the workers who supposes The remodeling carried out by the PSOE and united can.

Date Of Update: 05 February 2022, 03:53

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