New BMW X3 and X4 M: May sportsmanship

X1: a true devourer of kilómetrosBMW 3 Series 330i: when the driver is the ReyBMW bet by the potential of the hydrogen car BMW M is extending its range of mode

New BMW X3 and X4 M: May sportsmanship
X1: a true devourer of kilómetrosBMW 3 Series 330i: when the driver is the ReyBMW bet by the potential of the hydrogen car

BMW M is extending its range of models of high-performance, including, for the first time, models of the segments of average size of its range X. this Is the BMW X3 M and X4 M, that set the benchmark in excellence dynamic, agility and precision in their respective classes. Already available, the X3 M has a starting price of 109.900 euros; and the X4 M, of 111.900 eur.

The most impressive of these models is their engine. Is the engine more powerful petrol six-cylinder in-line never seen before in a car BMW M, which provides the necessary muscle to get impressive benefits. The unit of new development and high speeds of rotation, the technology M TwinPower Turbo. With sun a cylinder capacity of 3 liters, it generates a maximum power of 480 HP and a maximum torque of 600 Nm.

And how could it be otherwise, this new engine is combined with a transmission M Steptronic, eight gear control with Drivelogic, as well as with the system of all-wheel-drive M xDrive, premiered on the BMW M5, for transmit the force to the road . The system M xDrive gives predominance to the rear axle in the distribution of torque and offers two modes of driving AWD in the BMW X3 M and BMW X4 M. The interaction controlled between the M xDrive and the Differential Active M in the rear axle, allows the traction system integral to distribute accurately the power from the engine between four wheels. This provides a traction, agility and directional stability optimal.

The combination of dynamism and precision feature of the models BMW M is supported by specific elements of the structural reinforcement and the refined chassis technology, tuned to harness the power of the engine. With three settings selectable through a button, shock absorbers with electronic control of the suspension specific M combine excellent comfort in everyday use and a contact extremely direct with the road, with a few oscillations of the wheels and the body.

it should Be noted that the settings of the engine and major dynamic functions can be configured through the menu iDrive . In this menu the driver can save two groups of settings and select them when you want, using the two buttons M (in red) of the steering wheel. In the area M1 can always put a version more comfortable for everyday use, and the M2 a more extreme version road more fun or even to go deep in a circuit.

The details with specific design M optimize the cooling air flow, and aerodynamics in both versions. In the interior, the sports seats electrically adjustable, leather upholstery Vernasca, the specific instrumentation M, the leather steering wheel M and the selector lever, creating an atmosphere that is sporty and luxurious.

even more radical

Also, these models have unaversión more extreme (yes it is possible) so-called M-Competition, which have a price of 10,000 euros more compared to the M version. The biggest difference is its extra power and its exclusive details. Specifically, your engine reaches 510 HP and will include features such as the frame of the grill with kidneys from BMW, the housings of the exterior mirrors, gills M and the rear spoiler in gloss black (High gloss Black).

The expressive interior environment, for its part, is enhanced by sport seats M Sport with leather upholstery Merino with the additional elements, the plates of the specific thresholds of the doors, and the emblem of the model in the center console. The options for versions Competition also includes a special upholstery two-tone leather with applications in Alcantara.

Date Of Update: 05 October 2019, 01:00

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