Nine out of ten college-aged youth uses the phone in class

"We saw a floor with a hole in the roof as a extractor hood"The University, in the center of the sociedadLas university fees will continue to be "frozen" A

Nine out of ten college-aged youth uses the phone in class
"We saw a floor with a hole in the roof as a extractor hood"The University, in the center of the sociedadLas university fees will continue to be "frozen"

According to the "I Observatory of the Generation Z through the smartphone," produced by wiko site, the 93,21% of the young spaniards 18 to 24 years claims to have used their phone cell class ever.

Of them, the 85,24% use the smartphone with a personal purpose , compared to 8% who use the mobile in class exclusively for purposes of instruction.

The sending of messages, and Whatsapp (77,85%) and the use of social networks (70,08%), the more habitual practices of the Generation Z in their teaching hours.

Nine out of ten young spaniards (93,21%) between the ages of 18 and 24 years old claimed to have used their mobile phone in class once, 85,24% of the cases for purposes purely personal, such as chat or visit your social networks. With the return to routine, and classes, the use young people make of their smartphone in hours is one of the issues that are of most concern to parents and teachers . The "I Observatory of the Generation Z through the smartphone", a study launched by the european manufacturer of mobile phones with the aim of analyzing the habits and behaviours of young people in relation to this type of device, reveals interesting data about the use of smartphones in class by the students. With this report, the company aims to promote a good use of mobile technology.

The survey of more than 1,000 Spanish fall between these ages, it also confirms that number of women centennials who use their phone in class slightly more men, 94,97%, compared to 91,52%. Analyzed by age, are the oldest of the group -24 years– the less they use their smartphone in the classroom (88,97%) as compared to the young people of 23 years, that stood as the most likely to use it (97,81%).

Use for personal purposes, the most common

while it is true that the use of technological devices is becoming more and more common as a tool to complete the learning of the students in the classroom, only 7,97% of the students confirms a strictly academic and a 6,79% do not bring your mobile phone to the classroom.

By genres, are of new women, with a 88,13%, make a more personal use of the smartphone in their hours in front of the 82,47% of men. And if you line by line, these results by age, we find that the centennials of 23 years are the most turn to their phone for this purpose (92,70%) while the younger group (18 years old) are the ones that use it in to a greater extent for purposes of instruction (10,17%).

Asked what kind of personal use do young people of your smartphone in class hours, the vast majority affirms that it has been used to share messages and for Whatsapp (77,85%) followed by the 70% that says use it to enter in social networks (in both cases more women than men). To a lesser extent, young people claim to listen to music (old 41,73%), talking on the phone (30,61%), or watch movies or series (27,12%, being higher in the three cases the percentage of men).

"education, as in other areas, is going through a period of technological adaptation. We must not check for negative the use of technology in the classroom but the evil use which may be made of it, as it is a factor that may distract the students," says Rebeca Suárez Álvarez, professor of the Degrees of Journalism and Audiovisual Communication and Advertising and Public Relations at the University Rey Juan Carlos of Madrid.

"there is No doubt that young people between 18 and 24 years of age are digital natives, and that their technological skills can be a great advantage in their learning and also to adapt to the working life. That's why the key is to educate in this field to the new generations from an early age," says

The centennials of valencia, the most used mobile class for personal purposes; the la mancha, at the other extreme of the rankings

If we focus on the results at the regional level, the centennials, valencian and balearic islands, are the most widely used smartphone hours , only 1.87% and 3,85% respectively, say they do not make use of it in class. While, on the opposite side, the 19,05% of the young people of the Basque Country and the 14,81% of the Aragon says not to use your mobile phone in the classroom, reaching, therefore, in the two autonomous communities that are least used.

In the case of use for personal purposes, the ranking is lead by the Valencian Community, Extremadura and Galicia (94,39%, 88% and 87,76% respectively). While the young la mancha, the balearics and canaries, are the ones that do use it more didactic of the device in the classroom, the 12,77%, the negative 11.54% and 10%, respectively, claim to make use of him for purposes only of course.

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Date Of Update: 23 September 2019, 09:02

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