The self-confessed murderer of Worth had to shoot at least five metres

"My father has killed your mom with a gun,"The murderer of Worth, to be delivered: "I Know that my wife I killed her," The circumstances in which it was th

The self-confessed murderer of Worth had to shoot at least five metres
"My father has killed your mom with a gun,"The murderer of Worth, to be delivered: "I Know that my wife I killed her,"

The circumstances in which it was the triple murder of Valga and how he got the gun used at the hands of José Luis Abet Lafuente are two of the mainstays of the investigation initiated by the Judicial Police of Pontevedra after the crime, and that is still open. According to sources close to the case confirmed to ABC, the gun calibre 32 that broke Sandra Boquete and his mother and sister last Monday was bought on the black market, although it is likely that the author confessed not to be directly to buy it, but that was done with her through an intermediary. For the moment, the agents have several testimonies collected in the last few days that points in this direction and that point to between one and three suspects , which does not rule out new arrests linked to the acquisition of the weapon. The revolver in question, report the same sources, it is a piece of "immaculate, new, never used and very easy to use" . Yes, its lethality is very limited because it is a gauge under with a small bullet, only lethal if fired at a short distance, for example, during a struggle. "You have the lead head and the bullets go directly from the charger to the canyon, which gives more power to the ammunition that if it were a gun," they explain. Having a little flashback, it is a revolver, easy-to-use . Nor is it difficult to load because you do not have insurance and sliding, "there is only to introduce the bullets, one at a time".

In general, the sources of the Armed Institute and the National Police consulted agree that it is "a good weapon", with a calibre not very common —it is often the 38— but that can be found with relative ease in the Portuguese market. "They are more designed to defend than to attack," reveals an expert from the Police, which is also affected in that in order to hit the target and that the shot is deadly, "it must be done, as much, from five feet away." is "Are deadly at short distances, nearly at point blank range, or when topping off" , ensure. In the charger of the gun that was used Abet will fit between five and eight bullets, so that the self-confessed murderer had to recagar, at least, on one occasion, because throws accounted for around fifteen . "Will recharge in a matter of seconds because just open, dump, and introduce one of the new bullets". An operation apparently simple for that, however, requires "a lot of blood in cold when you are in the gunfight.

Provenance of the revolver

With the report of Ballistic already on the table since last Thursday, in charge of the investigation for the triple murder are now trying to find out the origin of the weapon. To prevent the tracking of this type of parts, on the black market it is customary to delete the serial number, although the Civil Guard can be retrieved with ease through a technique similar to revealed. In this case, the hypothesis is that the revolver came from Portugal , where the acquisition of weapons without a license is easier than in Spain. Its price may be around 500 or 600 euros and will be sold with the ammo pack. Abet discarded part of it along with the revolver, in a nearby river to the house of his mother's that the officers recovered the same day of his arrest by the afternoon.

According to the explanations of the specialists of the Guardia Civil and National Police, in the Portuguese market abound handguns, easier to use and also save. " What we usually find are pistols or revolvers , with many years because in this type of part obsolescence is almost non-existent". "In the north of Portugal have been detected providers and illegal weapons, which are of two types. The pure, that are stolen and enter the black market. And the modified, weapons that artisans put back to operation after your disablement" expose the experts on the subject. "Residual —ensure— are the weapons of war type rifles or the type AK". "That is almost never seen."

In the "deep web"

The acquisition via the Internet is another option when done with a weapon clandestinely, because in countries such as Switzerland, it is "relatively easy" and "you just have to have money and give a home". In this case, the price can raise up to € 1,800 in the case of a gun, and ranges between 500 and 30,000 for the shotguns. The way to enter in contact with the seller is usually through the deep web, the Internet deep . In regard to transportation, the Police have detected who have come to sent weapons in parcels and in different boxes. "The dismounted and made several deliveries with the parts to make it more complicated to follow", they said. Despite all of this, the agents are prudent, and indicate that it is difficult to quantify the number of illegal guns that there are in Galicia , although "few", they claim, pointing to the low rate of crimininalidad of the Community.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2019, 11:03

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