The difficulties of sleep in a child ADHD can be present from early childhood

"The myth of brain development until the age of 6 is already completed""Two children with the same iq can be very different cognitively"My son has got bad m

The difficulties of sleep in a child ADHD can be present from early childhood
"The myth of brain development until the age of 6 is already completed""Two children with the same iq can be very different cognitively"My son has got bad marks, now what?

emotional Immaturity, low frustration tolerance, impatience, irritability, or impulsivity are some of the symptoms of Attention Deficit Disorder and Hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) that directly affect the behavior and that have been confirmed by different scientific research. But, how do they sleep in children and adolescents with this diagnosis? Do you have occasional difficulties in sleeping or anecdotes isolated? "From a few years ago, research is demonstrating an association between the diagnosis of ADHD and sleep difficulties, which translates into "specific disorders" of this that cause problems in day to day activities in the child and adolescent. is Is "underestimated" the importance of a good night's sleep in childhood and throughout the life cycle in general, for which reason, and is fundamental to its early detection," said Denise Medici, phd in Psychobiology, specializing in neurodesarollo children and youth, after the lecture in the Hospital Vithas on 9 October. The issue is, he insisted, "that these dificiltades common among children with ADHD, they may contribute to the cognitive dysfunction and behavioral. Therefore, it is a challenge to determine whether the dysfunction and neuro-behavioral should be attributed to the ADHD symptoms, to sleep disorders or to both."

What happens to these children when there is a good night's sleep?

The children with ADHD have impaired the ability of regulation, stability and roll-over emotional, as well as the maintenance of attention and cognitive performance, and many times these symptoms increase and/or worsened by the specific difficulties in the dream (resistance to bedtime, difficulty in the initiation and maintenance of sleep, respiratory disorders, nocturnal, enuresis, nocturnal awakening, resistance to the time of waking and getting up in the morning and sleepiness during the day).

What is the difficulty in sleeping is more frequent in the diagnosis of ADHD?

The difficulties in the dream more frequent in the diagnosis of ADHD in children and adolescents is the obstructive sleep apnoea (osa (OSA in its acronym in English), with a prevalence of 25-30%, the restless legs syndrome (RLS in its acronym in English), with a prevalence of 40% and the insomnia represents a proportion of 70% in the so-called disorders in the circadian rhythm. OSA, and RLS should be ruled out before diagnosing and/or treating ADHD.

from what age can appear the difficulties of sleep in a child diagnosed with ADHD?

The difficulties of sleep in a child diagnosed with ADHD may be present from early childhood and even when he was a baby. There is a significant decrease of sleep duration in children as compared with the centiles normative in children 3 to 5 years and is a predictor of a later diagnosis of ADHD.

what are the differential characteristics of sleep among children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD?

children and adolescents diagnosed with ADHD meet the same characteristics as the possible precipitating factors and perpetuantes, the difference lies in the fact that as they grow and enter puberty and adolescence, prophylaxis of sleep is more difficult to be applied and exercised .

How do you treat the difficulties of sleep when it is this ADHD?

you will Not conduct any treatment in a child with ADHD and difficulties in sleeping until it had been re-elected with the intervention prophylactic on customs or family dynamics for that would not compromise the schedule and a good night's rest and also, have ruled out an organic base evident as are the hipertrofias adenosine and/or amigdalinas. Finally, a neurophysiological study, actigrafía and/or polysomnography, will collaborate in the diagnosis and consider treatment.


do you Have any impact on the sleep a drug treatment used in ADHD?

it Is the first place it is important to emphasize that the difficulties in the sleep are usually present in children and adolescents whose diagnosis of ADHD brings together several co-morbidities, therefore, the medication would not be the problem, but the severity in these cases and the wide heterogeneity where it is not always and all psychostimulants (metifenidato) and non-psychostimulants (atomoxetine, guanfacine), improve or affect the night's rest.

What is the effectiveness has the intervention in the dream between those who are diagnosed with ADHD?

early intervention in psycho-education and sleep hygiene in children's shows, after a few months, a clear improvement in the symptoms and cognitive behavioral. The intervention type cognitive-behavioral demonstrates a reduction in the severity of the disomnias, that is to say, in primary disorders of initiation or maintenance of sleep. And finally, the melatonin is an effective treatment and safe regardless of gender, age and comorbidities.

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Date Of Update: 23 September 2019, 12:02

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