Olaf Scholz, the grandson of the railway that came to Chancellor of Germany

Underestimated and ridiculed first. White gentleman of the Social Democratic Party and Germany Chancellor afterwards. No one given a tough by Olaf Scholz, not e

Olaf Scholz, the grandson of the railway that came to Chancellor of Germany

Underestimated and ridiculed first. White gentleman of the Social Democratic Party and Germany Chancellor afterwards. No one given a tough by Olaf Scholz, not even his game. With great political experience, but with a profile pulling anodyne and bland, he opted for the presidency of the SPD and lost Elementary by Tolada. He personified, as Minister of Finance of the Chancellor Angela Merkel, to the Great Coalition and that Alliance of Government was, for the most leftist sectors of the Party, the reason for the Electoral Eviction in which the match was. The Presidency of the SPD fell into the hands of an unknown tandem with revolutionary program and the superimiento, with the alexthyh halo of it, as tightly emotionally as it can only be a German German, Scholz returned, Stoic, to the affairs of him. Months later, in August 2020 and before the lack of heavy weights willing to fight for the chancellery, the new social democratic executive resorted to him. And Scholz accepted a challenge that seemed impossible.

In the spring of the election year, the polls gave him 15% of the votes. In August, just one month after the citation with the polls, Scholz started climbing like foam. On September 26, he became the triumph of him in the legitimate successor of Merkel. The SPD had found, 16 years after the defeat of Gehard Schröder, the white gentleman of him.

Scholz takes so long with the right to the official car that until the co-president of his party, the leftist Saskia Esken, became publicly doubted that his heart continued to be a social democratic. Some reason she had her. Scholz belongs to the SPD conservative wing and although he is a late professional politician, since he obtained his first seat as a deputy in 1998, he has always occupied high charges. They are 23 years with bodyguard to which another four will be added as chancellor, a protection that, for good or evil, has made him live in an almost parallel reality. In a campaign debate, the finance minister was asked about the price of gasoline when the fuels went up through the clouds and he did not know how to answer. He explained that for security reasons, he escorts do not let him down from the car to fill the tank. Of course, he did not look at the panels with prices through the window or then complained the bill.

Scholz has been thinking about macro and macro for years. It is the chancellery. His career of him has elapsed between Hamburg and Berlin. After a first mandate as a federal deputy, in 2001 he assumed the interior responsibilities of the Hanseatic city and, later, during the Schröder mandate, the General SPD Secretariat. In 2007 he became part of the first great coalition with Merkel with the work portfolio and social affairs.

By decking the Christianodemocratic Union (CDU) by the FDP Liberals for a second legislature, Scholz returned to Hamburg, whose mayor conquered for the SPD two years later, in 2011, in coalition with the Greens. As Mayor Governor of the City Hanseatic until 2018, Scholz, left a failed candidacy to house the Summer Olympic Games 2024, a G-7 summit with police violence on the streets, but also a debt restructuring agreement with the European Commission That allowed HSH Nordbank to get rid of 6,200 million euros in assets to avoid closing. He saved 2,500 jobs. He applied a policy of construction of social housing that is now considered exemplary, since he managed to contain the rents in herself very expensive city.

Scholz was born on June 14, 1959 in Osnabrück in the midst of a middle class family. The grandfather of him worked on the railways and parents of him in the textile sector. He has two brothers. One of them, Jens Scholz, is anesthesiologist and executive director of the Schleswig-Holstein University Medical Center, and the other, Ingo, is a technological entrepreneur. Scholz studied law, specialized in labor and created his own firm, which still exists.

From his childhood and first youth it is known that he hated physical education and that he could jumped that class. He now runs regularly, riding a bicycle and row, without fixed direction, without measuring applications, without music and without thinking about anything, as the social democratic candidate revealed. He sleeps well and deeply, though, like most people, less than he would like. On weekends, he leaves for it to stick the sheets. Scholz is married to the current Minister of Education of the Federal State of Brandembourg, Britta Ernst. The couple has no children.

Except for the toupea and crazy mane that looked in his youth and that only remains the memory, Scholz has barely changed over the years. He personifies continuity, but the one that united to the absence of charisma and moderation causes boredom. Scholz is not Willy Brandt. He does not raise passions. The voice tone of him is monotonous, the body lagaje of him is very poor and the speeches of him are too dense. They say the relatives of him that the apparent arrogance of him is shyness, which he knows how to listen and has great capacity for analysis. No one doubts that Scholz's mind is brilliant. Another thing is that he is able to come out as a chancellor of his stoicism, it will be released from the corset that will put his coalition partners, the green ones on the left and the Liberals of the FPD on the right, and prompt the revolution of ideas for the future that await Your voters and need Germany.

Date Of Update: 08 December 2021, 04:44

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