Only the PP defends to maintain the veto of the Senate in the Budgetary Stability Law

Citizens rise bans in Congress to distance themselves from Pablo Married Citizens leaves only the PP and picks up a block to the law of the PSOE and we Can

Only the PP defends to maintain the veto of the Senate in the Budgetary Stability Law

Citizens rise bans in Congress to distance themselves from Pablo Married

Citizens leaves only the PP and picks up a block to the law of the PSOE and we Can to process your Budget

Finally only the Popular Party has registered in the Congress an amendment to the whole, with alternative text to the law proposal of the socialist party that aims to reform the Law of Budgetary Stability with the aim of snatching the Senate, their ability of co-decision-to dessert veto - of the path of deficit and debt -ceiling and spending - that must be tailored to the project of General Budgets of the State.

Well, only the popular feature in the upper House with a comfortable absolute majority, to defend black-on-white, the faculty Senate return to the Government the objectives of debt and deficit, as a prior step to the elaboration of the public accounts, even when Congress has given the okay.

The amendment to the entirety has been submitted today to the Bureau of the Treasury Commission after the Monday, Citizens decide to break the agreement he had with the PP in virtue of which both groups were asked for together with the extension of the period of amendments in order to slow down the processing of the proposal of the PSOE and, in consequence, also the project of Budgets that Pedro Sanchez wants to send to the Courts before the end of the year.

The popular, the alternative text proposed in the reform that they want the PSOE and the Government, argue that the Senate, as a Chamber of territorial representation, "has to have capacity to decide on issues that concern them in an exceptional manner," and that is the case, add one of the objectives of deficit and debt, both for the Autonomous Communities as to Local Corporations such objectives are the foundation that allows them to develop their own budgets".

The PP insists that this "does not mean any abnormality of the regulations" because there are more cases in which the Senate "equates its functions to the Congress" and even "is pronounced with a prior or exclusive".

In this sense, to cite the most obvious example: the adoption of measures to oblige the Autonomous Communities to enforce their constitutional and legal duties, or to prevent their action when it goes seriously against the general interest of Spain, in the final analysis, the activation of article 155 of the Constitution.

The way of Citizens

In consequence, the amendment of the PP has only one article as the proposition of law of reform of the Budgetary Stability law of the PSOE. In the same insists that the agreement of the Council of Ministers which contain the objectives of budgetary stability and public debt shall be referred to the Cortes Generales and, after, after the corresponding debate in Plenary, the Congress and the Senate should decide approving them or rechazándolos. If the Congress or the Senate, he added, reject the goals, the Government in a maximum period of one month, submit a new agreement that will be submitted to the same procedure.

For its part, Citizens has decided to present amendment to the full against the proposed reform of the Budgetary Stability Law submitted 13 months ago by United we Can in order to modify the criteria of the rule of expenditure for the councils who comply with the requirements of financial stability and sustainability as well as the payment of its commercial debt, so that they can reinvest their surplus in the public services.

Citizens, in addition, at the last moment, and after having incurred an error of presentation of amendments, has registered also an amendment to the totality of the proposal of the PSOE. Training orange unlike the PP does not advocate the maintenance of the veto power of the Senate on the well-known as a spending ceiling.

on the contrary, Cs maintains that "so long as there is a deep reform of the Senate to make it a real chamber of territorial representation, to enable the Congress of Deputies, by a qualified majority of three-fifths [210 votes] the ability of the veto of the Senate".

So, if the Senate rejects the proposal of debt and deficit of the Government, the same shall be submitted again to a vote in Congress, by the favorable vote of a majority of three-fifths of the members of the House, you will be able to lift that veto.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 03 November 2018, 07:01

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