Pablo Iglesias looks "further away" Budgets after the writings of the Law and Prosecution by the 1-Or

The Prosecutor asks for 25 years imprisonment for Junqueras and 17 to Forcadell and 'Jordis' as heads of the rebellion The Law of the State requested 12 y

Pablo Iglesias looks

The Prosecutor asks for 25 years imprisonment for Junqueras and 17 to Forcadell and 'Jordis' as heads of the rebellion

The Law of the State requested 12 years in prison for Oriol Junqueras, the half that the Prosecutor's office

The secretary general of we Can, Pablo Churches, admitted Saturday that the approval of Budgets is "a little further" before the accusations provisional Prosecution and Advocacy to the pro-independence prisoners, but asked to CKD and PDeCAT "why you have to pay the working people" the "authoritarianism" of the PP and the "lack of boldness" of the PSOE and "what benefits to the procedural status" that does not apply to the social improvements of their agreement to PGE.

he did in his speech to the Meeting Municipalist organized by Can in Alcorcón (Madrid) to prepare the local elections of 2019, where he also presented to the councils of the change as the true "defenders of security" with its social measures, "in front of the mess the neo-liberal, the disorder of the rich, the disorder of the corrupt" then you need to walls, concertinas or rubber bullets to defend themselves.

The leader of we Can, he claimed the agreement of Budgets signed with the socialist Government and wanted to present it as the result of his refusal to invest alongside Citizens in 2016, the now-president of the Executive, Pedro Sanchez. Not to mention Íñigo Errejón, who was a supporter of not maintaining in power the PP and faced him, the Churches gave thanks to the militancy, which ratified the decision not to invest to Sanchez, "having withstood all the pressure the media that created infighting within our organization."

From the point of view of Churches, away from arrive two years later as he was criticized at this time, "because then we resist, today we have achieved an agreement of Budgets like the one we've got", and described as the "most left-wing of the democracy."

Finally, the leader Can deal with the situation of the pro-independence prisoners and its impact on the Budgets after that, despite its dialogue initiatives with visit in prison to the president of ERC, Oriol Junqueras, this party and the PDECat continue preferring not to negotiate the accounts for the year to come.

Described as a "shame" that the Prosecution asks 25 years in prison for Junqueras and 17 for Jordi Cuixart and Jordi Sànchez, testified that understands their "anger" and "skepticism," and concluded that "it is not true that here the Law is equal for all", reaffirmed in his thesis that the conflict Catalan nationalist "will be solved with dialogue and by democratic means". However, at the same time addressed the pro-independence, just after recognizing that "the approval of the Budget today is a little further away that three days ago", when Prosecutors and Lawyers had not yet filed their briefs.

"why do you have to pay the authoritarianism of the previous Government and the lack of courage of the working people? Why?", he asked with vehemence. What are the benefits to the procedural status of the prisoners?". Churches said that the increase in the minimum wage and pensions, and the measures feminists, including the agreement of Budgets are the result of the claims in the street, and he warned: "If you don't leave approved, the main losers will be the workers, the ordinary people".

At the political level, he argued that what is at stake is whether in the years following an "understanding between the progressive forces", among which included the PDECat and the PNV, or "students of Bolsonaro, the most similar to the extreme right that we know in Spain"; that is to say, the PP and Citizens, who are not mentioned.

finally, the leader of We pointed out that, 40 years after the adoption of the Constitution, tap to ask "what good is the Monarchy." Although he admitted that might be useful to you in Spain is established the democracy, believes that now "the people want to discuss everything," and that, "without offending anyone, a modern country does not deserve to be the Head of State is accessed by fertilization".

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Date Of Update: 07 November 2018, 08:00