Pedro Castillo's last minute maneuvers to avoid 'impeachment'

Peru lived on the eve of the motion of presidential dismissal between sums and subtractions. And only with some uncertainty, because they are already accustom

Pedro Castillo's last minute maneuvers to avoid 'impeachment'

Peru lived on the eve of the motion of presidential dismissal between sums and subtractions. And only with some uncertainty, because they are already accustomed: during the past legislature, three presidents fell, Pedro Pablo Kuczynski, Martín Vizcarra and Manuel Merino, under the same weight of an exaggerated tool of the legislative power, which for a good part of the jurists is unconstitutional .

"Free Peru (PL) forcefully rejects the motion of presidential vacancy, promoted and driven by the fascist sectors of the country. It recognizes having serious discrepancies with the government of Pedro Castillo, but this does not justify being a participant in a coup to democracy" He found Vladimir Cerron, leader of the radicals and confronted Castillo, after meeting with the president in the rounds of dialogue that at the last minute try to stop the tide against.

The absence of new journalistic exclusives and ranking negotiations have been some relief to the president, whose call was rejected by the leaders of the benches who want to dismiss him. Neither the populist Keiko Fujimori, nor the rightist Hernán Soto nor the Bolsonarist Rafael López Aliaga went to the palace.

The president seems to have won time, but his inconsistency and his surroundings are a time bomb. At least one of the fundamental supports is already in the sack before a historical session begins. The radical sector of PL has maintained the mystery of its vote until the last moment, although the non-resounding of the 21 deputies of the PL that support the castle, a group shaped in a large extent by teachers was known. Among them is the Vice President, Dina Boluarte, who destined to occupy the slate chair if castle fell at the end of the process.

Castillo has not stopped feeling in his own political meats political turbulence since his arrival to power four months ago. A process in which he has not only lost popularity, but above all a credibility put tested from the first day. If he was one of his students, he would be able to repeat course, although what is at stake is the expulsion of him.

The seat count, that the media update at each moment, confirms that the opponents are installed in the almost. After the 28 proposals of the first vote, 52 need today so that the motion of dismissal headed by Patricia Chirinos is admitted to process and the President has to be accountable to Parliament.

The two right-wing benches, advances country and popular renovation, plus Fujimorismo add up 43 deputies, only nine from crossing the "border". At least seven of other groups have shown their support so far.

In the other trench, Castillo has 37 p.m., plus those of their allies together by Peru and the residence of the purple party, for a total of 46 of the 130 of the Congress. Everything will depend on the vote, which is individual, of the leaders who are between the right and the left, with one of all life that seems key, César Acuña, thanks to the 15 deputies of alliance for progress.

The right-wing opposition caresses its goal, which sees close after acting from summer with the same belligerence that after elections, when it manufactured non-existent electoral fraud to enturger the presidential shot. And they got it, also forcing a constant political convulsion that hides another strategy: diverting the looks of the imminent restart against the daughter of the dictator, on which a sentence of up to 30 years of prison for corruption hangs.

Ancient friends and enemies of both extremes, but to the dessert the president's main inconvenience is himself. The leader who looked Radical has shown Peru an absolute ignorance when directing the direction of a country, confirmed with the appointment of radicals without solvency. His second cabinet, with Mirtha Vásquez surrounded by moderate, gave a brief political spring to Castillo, who disappeared when the parallel headquarters scandal had mounted on a borrowed house and the handles of his strong man in palace, Bruno Pacheco , under investigation of the Prosecutor's Office.

"The president does not know what is in hand, he has no idea what is being played in the country," said César Hildebrandt, one of Peru's most respected journalists, who has his own version of the phrase coined by Mario Vargas Llosa ("AIDS Against Cancer") At the time of choosing between Extremisms: "Our tragedy is bipolar, we have the right and left more primitive that some enemy of the country would have wanted to imagine."

Updated Date: 07 December 2021, 06:08

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