Pedro Sánchez places 'Superbolaños' as a strong government man in the PSOE executive

The decapitalization of the party by the precipitate disembarkation in the Moncloa after the motion of censorship 2018 and the political disconnection plunged t

Pedro Sánchez places 'Superbolaños' as a strong government man in the PSOE executive

The decapitalization of the party by the precipitate disembarkation in the Moncloa after the motion of censorship 2018 and the political disconnection plunged the PSOE into a blackout. A rusty machinery, little operational. The Moncloa proved over Ferraz, to the point that the electoral campaigns led from the federal complex and not in the socialist direction. The new electoral cycle, which if there is no advances will begin in Andalusia in 2022, and the bet of Pedro Sánchez for reuniting with the PSOE, give him more weight and protagonism, forces him to reactivate a numb match.

Despite the initial intention of reducing the executive, it is finally composed of 42 members, only less than the projection. It includes 6 ministers and an average age of 47 years -10 less than the previous one. They only follow 12 of those who were already. At 42 it is necessary to add, however, parliamentary spokespersons and the president of the Federal Political Council, so four more people are added. There is more presence of women than men: 60% vs. 40% Socialist sources stand out that all territories are represented, including autonomous cities with Melilla.

The strategy decided by Sánchez is to copy what was executed in the government. Copy the changes, introducing in the socialist executive at the right hand of him, Felix Bolaños, and the young ministers who added the Council of Ministers. They arrive at Ferraz Pilar Joy, Isabel Rodríguez and Diana Morant. They add to them also ministers Carolina Darias and María Jesús Montero. Youth, renovation, management profile and women are the essence of change. Sánchez called the barons last night to consult and agree on the new hard nucleus.

The disembarkation of the ministers - and also from Guillermo Fernández Vara, the Extremadon President, who stays - has been forced to execute a change in the Statutes to make his presence possible. Until now, the Socialists had established that "it will be incompatible to simultaneously simultate in the provincial, island, regional or national executive commissions with being a member of the Federal Executive Committee."

The man for the reactivation of Ferraz will be Bolaños, Minister of the Presidency. «Superfélix», as the former president of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero, who from now will concentrate the power of the PSOE and the Moncloa, where he despite being ministers, in the executive is considered de facto as the vice president political. Although Adriana Lastra stays as a general vice-secretary, the role of Bolaños will be key.

Bolaños is the strong man of the government, the man for all of Sánchez, whose last task has been to unlock with the PP the renewal of organs such as the Constitutional Court, the Court of Auditors or the Ombudsman. These days, in Valencia, socialism was unanimous: "The news would have been that Felix did not enter."

Now it also adds to his duties to reconnect the Moncloa and Ferraz, a work in which there is already a path made since the arrival of Óscar López as head of Sánchez's cabinet, replacing Ivan round. Lopez recovered the interlocution with the party and the territories. The mobile phones of the regional leaders were playing again. Without going any further, Pedro Sánchez spoke in recent days with the barons of him to prepare the 40 Federal Congress held this weekend.

Bolaños represents the conductive thread between government and party, a commitment that is entrenched with the presence of the Deputy Director of the Cabinet of the Presidency, Llanos Castellanos, as Secretary of Institutional Relations and Public Administrations.

The Moncloa-ferraz canal be reactivated, as well as that of Madrid-Andalusia. After the departure of Susana Díaz as the leader of the Andalusian socialism, Sánchez is immersed in the task that Andalusia recovers his site in the federal PSOE. And a site, important. It will have up to nine members. Among them, Felipe Sicily, who will be the new spokesman.

Another federation that gains weight is Catalana. The PSC accumulates four members, one more than until now. Among them, the Waterpolist Víctor Gutiérrez, who will carry the LGTBI secretariat.

The Valencian Community also adds four members, including Arcadi España, current Territorial Policy Conseller of Ximo Puig. The Valencian leader directly proposed Sánchez to which he was the former chief of cabinet of him. Spain is, therefore, not only a man of Puig's maximum confidence, but who know him define him as "the most faithful" squire who has today the president of the Generalitat.

Another important addition is Mayte Pérez in the Secretary of Demographic Challenge. This Turolense has the task of visible to the problems and solutions for Spain emptied, while the PSOE tries to eclipse phenomena like Teruel exists, who concern socialists for the electoral damage they cause in the elections.

Hours before Sánchez will profit the executive with his barons, with calls until well in the night, in informal conversation with journalists anticipated his purpose that he was "feminist, municipalist and will incorporate the reality of immigration." In relation to the last point, she joined Hana Jalloul, former Secretary of Migration and Spokesman at the Assembly of Madrid.

Cristina Narbona remains as president, despite the fact that it could be relieved Carmen Calvo. Saints Cerdan will be a secretary of organization.

President: Cristina Narbonona Ruiz (Madrid).

Secretary General: Pedro Sánchez Pérez-Castejón (Madrid).

Vice-secretary General: Adriana Lastra Fernández (Asturias).

Secretary Organization: Santos Cerdán León (Navarra).

Equality Secretary: Andrea Fernández Benéitez (CYL).

Secretariat of Strategy and Electoral Action: Javier Left Roncero (CYL).

Municipal Policy Secretariat: Alfonso Rodríguez de Celis (Andalusia).

Autonomous policy secretariat: Guillermo Fernández Vara (Extremadura).

Spokesman: Felipe Sicilia Ensign (Andalusia).

10- Justice Secretariat, Institutional Relations and Public Function: Llanos Castellanos Garijo (Madrid).

11- Secretariat of Studies and Programs: Idoia Mendia Cueva (Euskadi).

12- International Political Ministry and Development Cooperation: Hanna Jalloul Muro (Madrid).

13-Secretariat Transport, Sustainable Mobility and Urban Agenda: Arcadi Spain García (C. Valenciana).

14-Secretariat of Democratic Memory and Layout: Patxi López Álvarez (Euskadi).

15- Secretary Demographic Challenge: Maite Pérez Esteban (Aragon)

16- European Union Secretariat: Iratxe García Pérez (CYL).

17- Secretariat of fair ecological transition and the preservation of biodiversity: Marc Pons Pons (Balearic Islands)

18- Economy and Digital Transformation Policy Secretariat: Pedro Casares Hontañón (Cantabria).

19- Ministry Culture and Sports: Manuela Villa Acosta (Madrid)

20- Secretariat for the Pact of Toledo and Social Inclusion: Juan Francisco Serrano Martínez (Andalusia)

21-Secretariat of Industry, Trade and Tourism: Patricia Blanquer Alcaraz (C. Valenciana)

22- Labor Secretariat, Social Economy and Autonomous Work: Montse Minguez García (Catalonia).

23- Training Secretariat: María Márquez Romero (Andalusia)

24- Secretary of Education, Vocational Training: Mª Luz Martínez Seijo (CYL).

25- Secretariat of Science, Research and Universities: Diana Morant Ripoll (C. Valenciana).

26-Secretariat of social movements, diversity and older: Beatriz Carrillo de los Reyes (Andalusia).

27-Secretariat of Transparency and Democratic Regeneration: Francisco Lucas Ayala (Murcia)

28-Secretariat Entrepreneurship and Social Impact: Amparo Marco Gual (C. Valenciana)

29-Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries: Ana Mª Romero Obrero (Andalusia)

30- Ministry of Health and Consumption: Carolina Darias San Sebastián (Canarias)

31-Secretariat for Constitutional Reform and New Rights: Felix Bolaños García (Madrid)

32-Secretariat LGTBI: Víctor Gutiérrez Santiago (Catalonia)

33-Foreign PSOE Secretariat: Pilar Cancel Rodríguez (Galicia).

34-Secretariat of migratory and refugee policies: Luc André Diouf (Canarias).


35- Manuel García Salgado (Catalonia)

36- Sabrina Moh Abdelkader (Melilla)

37- María Nieves Ramírez Moreno (Andalusia)

38- Mª Jesús Montero Square (Andalusia)

39- Pillar Alegría Continent (Aragon)

40- Isabel Rodríguez García (CLM)

41- Elisa Garrido Jiménez (La Rioja)

42-Alvaro Martínez Chana (CLM)

Updated Date: 16 October 2021, 19:23

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