Pedro Sánchez slows the rushes of Yolanda Díaz and gives priority to negotiating labor reform with entrepreneurs

The coexistence of the First Government of Coalition of Democracy in Spain is full of vicissitudes and strandotic chapters. Namely: The two partners met on Tu

Pedro Sánchez slows the rushes of Yolanda Díaz and gives priority to negotiating labor reform with entrepreneurs

The coexistence of the First Government of Coalition of Democracy in Spain is full of vicissitudes and strandotic chapters. Namely: The two partners met on Tuesday for less than an hour to "verify" that both, PSOE and United can, agree to agree that they agree to move forward with the agreed.

In other words: the Government crisis for labor reform forced Pedro Sánchez to bring together his vice presidents Nadia Calviño and Yolanda Díaz, confronted, to "verify" the executive "with the repeal", something to which both Partners had already been committed to the Government Pact that they signed at the end of 2019.

This Tuesday, there was no more concretion or detail. The priority was to move unit image. Take an end to the fracture exhibited. Throughout the weekend and the holiday, there was negotiation between the Moncloa and the second vice president to profile the agreement. Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz, at breakfast at 8 o'clock in the morning at the presidential complex, closed fringes. At the meeting with Calviño, which was not in these preparatory negotiations, it was entitled with all tied.

Two years later, the coalition returns to the exit box, with the scar of a major crisis and the distrust and the reels installed between partners. He does, that yes, with the Moncloa braking the times of Vice President Díaz and the unions.

The Vice President wanted to have "culminated" in November work on labor reform. The socialist sector of the executive slows down the calendar and gives margin to Christmas. The pretension of it is to hurry the negotiation and approve the decree by the end of the year and not in this month, as they wanted the owner of the Ministry of Labor and the unions.

Sánchez is committed to dilating the process by two issues. First, because despite the fact that this Tuesday was attempted to present the crisis on labor reform closed, the truth is that the meeting between both partners - Five Ministries of the PSOE and one of the United States can - did not go down to the ground and it was not discussed About content.

This is, on topics such as temporality, collective bargaining, the ultraactivity of conventions or subcontractors, the two vice-presidenties maintain faced positions. So when you have to land those issues in a common position of the government - where you did not do this Tuesday - to take it to the dialogue table, there will be again tension.

In this way, the Executive returned to agreement that he will repeal the most harmful aspects of the labor reform of the PP, but the PSOE remains unclear what is his position on certain aspects such as ultraactivity or the prevalence of sectoral agreements on companies, Something that increases distrust in UNIDA can, that it doubts that repealing, no matter how signing again, is a firm bet of socialists.

Hence, despite the agreement (again), Díaz, who already demanded Sánchez to lead this issue by transferring the clash with him and not with Calviño, ask the president of the government to execute "without hesitation" the repeal of the reform labor.

The Second Vice President, with satisfaction, which should be the Challenge of the Executive: "FIN" to the "precarious model" that, in your opinion, exists with the model designed by the Popular Party in 2012. Do not "review the imbalances" , as also collects the joint statement, or change "some things", as Sánchez said this weekend. "To end".

The second question for which Sánchez is committed to slowing down the negotiation is because he wants to hurry everything possible to give the CEOE to enter the Covenant. With the times handled by Diaz and the unions, employers had already warned that they would not be part of an agreement.

Bring negotiation two months Vista and not one allows us to buy time, just when the socialist ministries of Economy (Calviño) and Social Security (José Luis Escrivá) have entered the negotiation to guard by Díaz.

Although from the Government - the socialist sector - "value" Diaz's work since March at the dialogue table, they consider that now that it is time to enter concretions and needed first-hand access to negotiation to have decision-making capacity . "We must combine the work between all the executive", explain government sources.

"The Government seeks, through social dialogue, an agreement with all the right and balanced parties," collects the statement that paid the PSOE and we can try to end the crisis of the coalition. In the text, it was tried to be content to the two parties, stating that "the Government is committed to the repeal in the terms established by the Coalition Agreement," and on the other hand that the new labor legislation will be in accordance with "The Recovery plan sent to the European Commission. "

In the socialist sector they succeed that work was not doing everything possible at the table of the social dialogue to incorporate the employer. Therefore, they put as a red line being able to sit at the negotiating table. Sánchez gave the placet and although the leadership of the dialogue is recognized to Yolanda Díaz, she is touched by economics and social security, who come with two general directors, supervising negotiating on site.

In fact, the socialist sector now proclaims the discretion of negotiation, in order to avoid entering the details that still divide the partners, remembering that this discretion was one of the demands that Antonio Garamendi, president of the CEOE.

"I anticipate that jobs go fast, agile, and that within a maximum period, around the month of November, they have to be completed," said Diaz a couple of weeks ago. "This month we must solve the repeal of labor reform," said Tuesday Unai Deaf, General Secretary of CCOO. "There are two months to negotiate, there is time," they oppose in the Moncloa, who does not want to repeat what happened with the rise in the minimum wage, when the entrepreneurs remained out.

The commitment to the European Commission is to establish the "Modernization of the Labor Market" before the end of the year. It is here to see if the calendar and the position of the entrepreneurs in the negotiation makes viable the intention of the PSOE to join the unions and the CEOE or the calendar is imposed on the pact.

Updated Date: 02 November 2021, 20:28

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