Pimpinela: When we started with this mix of theater with music, it was hard for us not to laugh.

"Two years ago and a day I live without him, two years ago and one day I have not seen him again," he says one of the most emblematic songs of Hispanic Americ

Pimpinela: When we started with this mix of theater with music, it was hard for us not to laugh.

"Two years ago and a day I live without him, two years ago and one day I have not seen him again," he says one of the most emblematic songs of Hispanic American music. However, the reality of its authors is radically different: six decades ago that do not take off ... in fact, 40 years ago they sing together ... and by suggestion of their mother. According to the legend, the Spanish María Engracia Cuervo saw a lot of talent in her children of her Joaquín (68) and Lucía Galán (60), so when arriving at adolescence she pressed them to invest the gifts of her in a musical career.

At first the young people refused. But, after trying with several musical sticks found the melodrama and from there they did not move anymore. So he was born, in 1982, Pimpinela, the Argentine duo, "reponsibable of successes as he forgets me and pastes around," that next summer returns to Spain. "Being children of Mother Leonese and Asturian Father, we are very identified with Spanish customs. This is our house, it is like those warm sites where you always attract you back and in summer we will return to present our 40th anniversary tour. They will be powerful concerts. , because we can present our new songs: betrayal, 2020, the year that stopped time and our next single, a topic dedicated to our mother, who died. We will also remember the usual classics, "comment, besides revealing that they will soon launch A new album. "It is a special album for the anniversary, in which we would love to have artists such as Vanesa Martin, India Martínez and Lolita," says Lucía Galán, who, on these dates, has been some nostalgic.

"When you turn 40, you think about your beginnings ... and when we started, we had no idea how people would react, but we knew that I was going to like it because it was something different, although, being sincere, when we started with this theater mix with Music was hard for us not to laugh. Sometimes we tenta ... and we continue to tempt! "He says Galán, who soon starting the interview he manages to show that yes: the Pimpinela laugh constantly. But also "fight". "It is undeniable that it is difficult to work with your brother, it was rare at the beginning and it is still weird now, but it is because we are family and we have a lot of confidence. Although that has also made ourselves of jealousy and competitions between us do not exist," he says Lucy.

Despite this, when it comes to another type of jealousy, the pimpine ones have been victims of their own feelings. "Now we have civilized more, but at first we were very pending from each other. Especially in the 80s, when everything was very macho and Lucia was 20 years old ... I felt that I had to be aware of the sharks! She of the sirens, "says Joaquín. However, his sister has another version of the story. "What sirens are you talking about? They were piranhas!" She declares, between laughter.

That is not the only discrepancy that they have about their history ... they also see the theme of fame differently. "We never climbed the fumes to the head, because the being surrounded by family and the fact of being so demanding has kept our feet on Earth. Although Lucia has happened a little," joke Joaquín.

"Sure, like this is much older, he thinks that test is overcome," he answers, Cabreada, Galán. "But it's true! Unlike you, I value things more ... Lucía, tell me, I'm your brother!", Responden, Burlesco, Joaquín. But the second, the singer returns seriously. Above all, when he has to talk about one of the most difficult periods of him: confinement. "We had never spent so much time separated, I stayed at home with my wife and I learned to clean the ground, as I needed to vent, I had to do it with the mop ... Lucía, I see you looking at a sandwichito. You can eat it. Sorry, it is That distracts me. That Lucia stayed at his house with a little boy from home pimpinela, who was with dew, his daughter, "explains Galán.

"When Joaquín speaks of the Pimpinela household refers to a home that we founded 25 years ago. It arose from the need to give life what was giving us. When we began to travel Latin America, we visit Orphanages ... and when my nephew Francisco was born , Joaquín said 'Why do not we do something?' So, in June of 96 a house appeared, we argue everything and we started to receive judicial guys, who take away the homeland power to their parents. And there we continue. More than 900 guys, "says Lucia about one of the best things they have done in his career ... besides filling Radio City Hall, in New York, his first sold out in Madrid and that time they realized that they realized that They were really famous, at the Festival of Viña del Mar de Chile.

"We have lived great moments and have made great songs that remain in time, and I think it has to do with the originality of our staging, there is something there of drama and humor, that new generations love. We sweep on Tiktok! But it's not for us, they're the songs. It's like they're not a fashion, "says Joaquín. And it is precisely because Pimpinela is not a fashion that the Galán continue to make future plans. "2022 will be a year full of work, with the tour, the album ... and some surprises. Two years ago, the series of our history began to write. Two Argentines were interested and we told them yes," they conclude.

Date Of Update: 10 December 2021, 23:45

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