RealMe C11: Power and large battery for only 99 euros

The RealMe C11 of 2021 is possibly the mobile for those who do not have many pretensions and go completely from the phone. If you only use whatsapp, you make

RealMe C11: Power and large battery for only 99 euros

The RealMe C11 of 2021 is possibly the mobile for those who do not have many pretensions and go completely from the phone. If you only use whatsapp, you make calls and strike some photo occasionally, you do not need to pay more than the 99 euros that they ask in exchange for it.

If you are looking for this, but also being able to use social networks comfortably and upload a decent photo, you have your brother a little older, Realme 8i, which costs 199 euros and has some more advanced features.

Realme C11, then, is not a mobile or very beautiful or very powerful, but it has a couple of benefits that make it very interesting and durable.

To begin with, a 6.5-inch giant screen to watch videos as it is due or, if you do not have the view very well, putting yourself very large letters without losing too much space for use.

The other great characteristic would be the battery, of 5,000mAh. If the numbers do not tell you anything, you know that it is a very high figure for a low power telephone, so the result is that this phone can be used quietly two days without loading it. It has no fast charge and in fact use a microusb, not a USB-C, to load.

It is true that RealMe C11 remains somewhat short in RAM or storage space, only 2GB and 32GB, respectively; But at least you can expand the space using a microSD card. For 99 euros is what there is. Its processor is not from the most popular either. In fact, it is the first time that the brand uses it, partly sure because of the lack of current chip chip. It is a Unisoc SC9863 of 8 core. As for your cameras, they are simple: one rear of 8 megapixels and another front of 5 megapixels.

RealMe C11 will cost 99 euros of launch and will be available in stores on October 21.

If you want to scratch your pocket a little more for a better phone, there is also the new Realme 8i. It will cost 199 euros, has a Helio G96 processor, a 120Hz screen, 5,000mAh battery and fast charge of 18 watts.

Basically, it has a bit of everything that makes high-end mobiles special, but without going through either. An important aspect is that it runs out of 5g connectivity, something that other models for this price already have.

At least, the Palia with good cameras: a 50 megapixel sensor on the back along with two other 2 megapixels for macro photos and black and white. On the front, a 16 megapixel camera.

In Spain, it is already available in stores in two versions: the 199 euro that has 4GB of RAM and 64GB storage and that of 219 euros that has 4GB and 128GB.

With four rear cameras, a front camera, 5000 MAH battery, 4GB of RAM, 128 GB of internal memory so that you never stay without space and Samung's Aval as a brand, the Samsung Galaxy A22 is one of the best telephones you can Buy below 200 euros. In addition, it offers the option to equip it with a micro SD memory card to increase its capacity up to 1TB. You can buy it from 220 euros.

For 50 euros less than the previous model, the G10 motorcycle is an excellent phone for those who have a more adjusted budget. With three rear cameras and a front camera, this Motorola phone also has dual SIM so you can carry your personal number and and work in the same terminal. You can buy it reduced from 199 to 159 euros.

Redmi 9 is a phone well known for its good benefits and better price. It has four cameras, has an immense battery of 5,000mAh and the screen is as large as to see a series in the subway without problems. Its price is reduced from 125 to 109 euros.

The OPPO A15 has a good 6.52-inch screen, but what is most striking is your camera, which has three lenses: 13 MP of Main, 2MP Macro and 2MP for black and white photos. Your battery is very well in size and has a very powerful fast loading system. Its price is reduced from 159 to 119 euros.

Although with some benefits somewhat lower than the other mobile phones on this list, the merit of this BlackView mobile is a remarkable resistance. You can let it fall, stamp it against the ground, hit it with Saña and very probably do not get to break it. An ideal terminal for clumsy people or something doots that usually breaks phones. Reduced to 164.99 euros.

Unlike previous models, this Realme has 5g connectivity. The rest of his features are quite similar to previous models: 5,000 military battery, quadruple rear camera of 48MP, front camera, dual SIM and RAM GB. You can buy it for 199 euros.

The other terminal with 5g connectivity from our list. It is a very similar phone to Realme 8 5G just a little cheaper and with somewhat lower benefits. It has an excellent assessment by its users and the Aval of Xiaomi as a brand. You can buy it for 184 euros.

Although it is a rather unknown brand in our country, this phone from Blackview is one of the best rated among Amazon users. With a 4GB of RAM, 64 GB of internal memory, front camera, quadruple Battery rear battery of 4680 MAH, it is an ideal terminal for those who handle a tight budget. You can buy it for 142.99 euros.

This cover alcatel leaves aside the smartphone features of the previous terminals to offer you a phone with which SIM designed almost exclusively to make and receive calls. It is the most sold phone in Amazon. With an 8-day autonomy, it is an ideal telephone to use it to talk and forget about having to go by loading it. You can buy it reduced from 29.99 to 23.99 euros.

Updated Date: 16 October 2021, 01:01

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