Reasons why a second bank account should be had

Even the best accounts can give us problems on occasion, from difficulties to access the IPP of the entity to have to wait more than a card arrive. For this r

Reasons why a second bank account should be had

Even the best accounts can give us problems on occasion, from difficulties to access the IPP of the entity to have to wait more than a card arrive. For this reason, experts from the financial product comparator recommend having a second account in any of the best banks in Spain to cope with these scenarios. In this way it will always be possible to access money, despite having the account blocked or lost the card.

An expired DNI or NIE is reason enough for the banking entity to block an account. And although the Bank has an obligation to notify before, it is not always easy to follow all notifications that are received through digital channels. Many clients of banking entities realize, from one day to the next, that their account has been blocked and must present their documentation in force.

On the other hand, in HelpmyCash they explain that, due to the capital laundering prevention law, it is increasingly frequent that banks act before possible suspicious movements. Receiving transfers from high-countries high values or having more large incomes than usual may be sufficient reasons for a deciding entity to block the account. Although to solve this incidence, it is enough to accredit the origin of the funds, it is most likely until all the information is reviewed, the account does not return to be operational.

Losing the card or being a victim of a robbery, now that this plastic is such a frequent means of payment, it can be an important inconvenience if you do not have a plan B. With a canceled card it will be harder to access the money from the account, pay Shopping and paying service charges such as Netflix or Spotify. In addition, if it is required to request a new card, it will be necessary to wait between one and two weeks to receive the new plastic.

The computer system of web pages or apps can give problems at some point. In fact, HelpmyCash experts indicate that it is a recurring problem in certain entities. And although these problems are on many occasions are resolved immediately, other times it can take a few hours to solve.

The main inconvenience with these failures is that they can hinder the possibility of validating a purchase, making a transfer or paying a receipt through digital channels. In cases like these, it will be necessary to go to an office or cashier to perform operations. Before setbacks like these, a secondary account can be helpful.

The advantage of having a second open account in another bank with some balance is that in the event that the main one runs blocked, the online banking or the card fails to be available, the client will continue to attend his obligations.

To enjoy the offers of other banks it is not essential to change the deasing of income or pay commissions. In fact, there are currently many entities that allow you to open an account for free and without the need to domicile income.

OpenBank, the Santander Online Bank, offers united and free card with access to discounts on multiple brands such as Cortefiel, Springfield, Starbucks or Papa John's. And it is not about the only alternative, BBVA also offers the possibility of hiring the online account without commissions with free card. With it, in addition to avoiding commissions, you can have one of the safest cards on the market. The Aqua card comes without printed numbers and with a dynamic CVV. To consult the data of the card, it will be necessary to access the app of the entity so it is a good option to perform online purchases. In addition, the two previous accounts do not have linking requirements, although in the case of BBVA it is necessary to be a new client to hire it, so they serve as secondary accounts, since it is not necessary to domiciliary or the payroll or receipts to enjoy their advantage.

Date Of Update: 08 October 2021, 13:48

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