Ricky Rubio signs his best game in the NBA with 37 points and 10 assists

The Spanish Base Ricky Rubio lived his great night since he arrived at the NBA this Sunday when on the legendary track of Madison Square Garden exhibited the be

Ricky Rubio signs his best game in the NBA with 37 points and 10 assists

The Spanish Base Ricky Rubio lived his great night since he arrived at the NBA this Sunday when on the legendary track of Madison Square Garden exhibited the best qualities of his "Showtime" game that allowed him to score 37 points and lead his new team of the Cleveland Cavaliers to the winter triumph of 109-126 in front of the location of the Knicks.

Rubio, who followed as sixth man of the Cavaliers, achieved his best annotation as a professional when scoring 13 of 19 field shots, including 8 of 9 triples, and 3 of 3 from the personnel line.

The player of El Masnou came out onto the track and during the 31 minutes he played was unstoppable for the defense of the Knicks who saw as blond scored the first four shots he made from outside the perimeter.

But if his rate inspiration was the best since he arrived at the NBA, his presence under the hoops was with three defensive rebounds, and nothing to say about his contribution in the direction of the game by distributing another 10 assists that gave him double-double at the conclusion of the match.

The previous Blonde's arrest record was 34 points when playing with the Utah Jazz and faced the San Antonio Spurs in 2018.

"When the ball enters, it seems that you are running the right plays," said Rubio at the end of the game. "But it's not about scoring, it's about (take) the right path, (go) by the correct (road) every time".

Rubio said feeling happy with the individual brand, but above all because the team goes along the winning, mature and every time it is more competitive.

"That's what it's about, to improve every day a little more and look for the maximum performance that all players can contribute to the team," underlined blonde.

Rubio's bright performance allowed the Cavaliers to have 7-4 winning brand after having achieved the fourth consecutive win.

The pivot rookie Evan Mobley, third selection in the past university draw, also shone with 26 points, nine rebounds, five assists, a balloon recovery and a stopper.

Another tall man, the pivot Jarrett Allen was in charge of imposing his dominion under the hoops by getting a double-double of 18 points, 17 rebounds, he distributed four assists and recovered two balls.

The performance of Mobley and Allen together every day is going to more and have become one of the most important senior men's couples in the NBA.

The Cavaliers finished the match with 48 rebounds for just 32 of the Knicks.

The escort Darius Garland arrived at the 16 points and completed the list of the four players of the Cavaliers that had two-digit numbers.

While the team finished 55 percent of success in the field shots and 54% of triples, without ever responding by the Knicks (6-4), who lost the third party in the last four disputed .

"In the games we've won , we've made the struggle to impose in the melee ," said Cavaliers coach , JB Bickerstaff . "We won the competition. The dirty work . The part brave. You do not always have to be spectacular and we have demonstrated."

Bickerstaff also said feeling very satisfied by the way the team is little by little acquiring a game identity, which was the important thing.

"That identification, knowing what we want to do and we can do in the field has been what has allowed us to have the positive start of season we have achieved," said Bickerstaff.

The Ala-pivot Julius Randle led the Knicks with 19, but nothing could do in the fight of the inner game in front of Mobley and Allen by capturing just seven defensive rebounds.

"I feel that there are times when we can not stop," Randle said about the recent defeats. "It has to be better our performance."

While the veteran base and Derek Rose, who started as a starter, completely lost the individual duel against Rubio when staying with 15 points and five assists. The French Eve Evan Fournier also had the same annotation as Rose.

Below with 57-56 in part-time, Cleveland exceeded the Knicks 18-33 in the third quarter to enter the last period with a partial advantage of 75-89 and blond on.

New York just hit 9 of 31 with the shots from outside the perimeter, while Cleveland hit 19 of 35.

Cleveland announced at the end of the third quarter that the base Collin Sexton would be lost the rest of the match due to a left knee injury.

Before leaving the field, it contributed eight points and four assists in 12 and a half minutes. Bickerstaff did not have an update on the condition of Sexton when he spoke with journalists after the game.

The Cavaliers have Sexton and Garland as the starter couple of the future, while Rubio brings them experience, class, leadership from the bench and in front of the Knicks an unforgettable night of great basketball.

Updated Date: 08 November 2021, 02:05

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