Solid Castes And 'Machotes' Turks give Victory to Antena 3 Facing Telecinco

It has been its end year. Two series of Turkish factory, unfaithful and my daughter - who came to his expected fin - have been punters about which antenna 3 h

Solid Castes And 'Machotes' Turks give Victory to Antena 3 Facing Telecinco

It has been its end year. Two series of Turkish factory, unfaithful and my daughter - who came to his expected fin - have been punters about which antenna 3 has cemented his suffering from Telecinco. Although the friendly chain has saved 2021 as the most visible - and an uninterrupted decade is already going, the atresmedia has been taken four from the last five months of the year, growing two points compared to 2020 (11.9%) and marking A trend that has caused a small seism in fuel. At the end of last year, the final blow gave it, again, a Turkish series, a bitter earth, the time macroproduction that is moving to hundreds of thousands of spectators from their homes to the legendary highlands of Çukurova.

"Beautiful doll, I love you," "My mother that handsome is demir" but "without a better beard, you can not see the tan sympathetic dimple that you have," are some of the lindezas that the fans of the culebron, in the boiling social networks , they dedicate one of the protagonists, actor Murat Unalmis. A gallant of another time. Something away from Superpop's handsome poster as Can Yaman, or Kivanç Tatlitug, among other living evidence that Turkish Passion is advancing on the right to 'macho' Spanish.

"We all seek our history, as in a Turkish drama. And of course, of course, there are many Can Yaman. But beyond fashion and cultural stereotypes, Turkey is a country with a generation of excellent actors. And, in addition to these actors What are you mentioning, there are many others like Burak Deniz, and also actresses, such as Tuba Buyukustun, which is the image of one of the most important jewelry brands in Spain, "says Beatriz CEA, Sales Chief of Inter Medya, one of the most distributors Powerful

What will they have to provoke so many sighs of Spain and Latin America? The imposence of the 1.92 cm of unalmis? That look at Akin Akinözü, so penetrating that he would go through a marble block? A youth charm with DS Damat costume? "The Turkish passion concept floats in the collective imaginary of the Spaniards. That contributes to fertile ground for a new look on Turkish man, at the same time, everything is said, which can be seen on the screens the beauty of Turkish woman ". Who speaks is Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, professor at the University of Georgia and one of the most authorized voices when talking about the Turkish Dizi or Culebrones - whether the drivers of her reject-. The DIZI concept comes from Televizyon Dizileri (Turkish telenovelas), a loving nickname that has expanded and popularized. Mediaset even launched a channel called DIZI so that the fans did not mislead at the time of finding this type of content.

According to the researcher born in Venezuela, once one of the gender powers, a factor that attracts the physical of its protagonists is "the fact of presenting a combination of all kinds of skin, hair, eyes ... there is a Model for each type of public Fan ".

"Can Yaman is the prototype of man who has triumphed in Italy, very beautiful, muscular ... but you see it acting in a range for light comedy, not of drama. On the other hand you have kivanç [tatlitug], beautiful, blue eyes , Rubio ... or Akyurek, a type of low profile in Turkey but representing the traditional Turkish phenotype, "explains Acosta-Alzuru. "Turkey is a crucible," she summarizes, "and all these intense fans must also add fanaticism with their respective couples."

But, with a global phenomenon born in a country indicated by the unequal situation of women in basic areas such as domestic coexistence, what about the plots? Beatriz CEA stands out that "the plots are about current issues that, at the same time, are universal. Problems such as the fight between women, love and passion, dignity or corruption, greed ...", he lists, and underlines That "in Turkish production, the family occupies a protagonist role, so everything revolves around fundamental values."

For its part, journalist Josune Murgoo indicates some elements that, in his opinion, are thorny to be approached in the plot of a series as well known as what fault has Fatmagül: "Violation (commit the crime three men), impunity of the crime committed , despite the presence of a family lawyer, forced marriage to preserve the honor of the family, protective figure on Turkish woman and jealousy. " Concepts often covered by the whirlwind of emotions that fire the Turkish dizi of the moment.

Of all of them, the concept of honor is one of the most characteristic that is addressed in the Turkish series and, at the same time, one of the most conflicting. His dark reverse in Turkey, still today, are still evil called crimes of honor: murders committed mostly against women from dishonor their relatives for often sentimental reasons, often disguised as suicides to avoid reprisals from authority. This practice is concentrated in the Kurdish majority regions.

Much of the experts agree that the phenomenon of Turkish teleseries can not be pigeonus only as a tool of political influence of the Turkish Islamist Government, involved with attractive faces, no matter how much their success has served for millions of people to be traced from Turkey. On more than one occasion, the Turkish series have shocked with the RTÜK, the Audiovisual Sector Council that makes the police of what is seen on TV, which has fined them to propose themselves on their, on the other hand, few uncovenants.

A scene in the Jacuzzi de Love Is in the Air, recalls Carolina Acosta-Alzuru, was among the censored in Turkey, where a recording for Netflix came from last year by the presence of a gay character, according to his creators - Spain Finished being the scenario of the work. "The actors must build chemistry otherwise, more subtle, and it can not be said that this, then, it is not sensual," says the Venezuelan. "In the end," she concludes, "What hooks can not be verbalized." This extends to the scenarios where the plots run, warns Acosta-Alzuru. Of the bucolic páramos de la Adana who dies on the banks of the Mediterranean, to the passions that urill in a Bosphorus of an impossible blue, the Turkish series have also achieved a success that the managers of the chains in Liza continue without finding a name .

Updated Date: 08 January 2022, 00:32

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