The Champions knows the gourmet version of Vinicius

Vinicius likes the open field, unleashed when it finds it as an antelope in the Serengeti. In Kiev, on the other hand, he came across a forest. There was no roo

The Champions knows the gourmet version of Vinicius

Vinicius likes the open field, unleashed when it finds it as an antelope in the Serengeti. In Kiev, on the other hand, he came across a forest. There was no room to run, but as verticality is part of the nature of him, he decided not to look back. He danced on the ball, looked for the deception, took a few steps and stopped before the next man, who saved with a hip stroke, turned in another direction, returned again the vertical and crossed the net, with little angle, in a Gourmet definition The execution of the third was both a production of the Brazilian, without demerits of the opponents as in the two previous ones of Madrid. An action in which Vinicius showed the technical and emotional growth of him, more precise in the finalization, more serene in the maneuver. An excellent response in a compromised situation of Madrid for someone who wants to be a leader in the future and an unbeatable presentation card before the classic that will face Ansu Fati.

The Brazilian did more in the company of Benzema, which was practically all that Madrid made with offensive sense before a contemplative Shakhtar, and did not come down to crown the game with his signature. Unlike the version of last season, in front of the one who fell twice the Madrid of ZZ, this time the Ukrainian team did not suppose any threat. He achieved Vinicius also the second so much, by picking up the Modric pass just in the space that Croatian mentally marked him, after a Benzema robbery thanks to the defensive innocence of Shakhtar. Again, a completion of precision, before offering the assistance of the fourth goal to Rodrygo.

The result endorses the approach of Ancelotti, although it surprises that one of the coaches that has experienced the most with systems was so taxative about the one that Madrid should use. Italian does not usually be, like all intelligent beings. A 4-3-3 and do not talk anymore, he came to say. Word of God ... In Kiev he fulfilled him, held by the 'Most Holy Trinity' from the center of the field: Modric, Kroos and Casemiro. They have the reliability of a Rolls, once again demonstrated in the Champions, and advance as a Rolls. A guarantee to travel first, but sometimes, only sometimes, I would not go wrong to feel the crackling of a two-stroke engine, because even the quality, if predictable, can be safe. For a few minutes, the first in Kiev, it seemed. Valverde, who was not titled for the first time in the season, or Camavinga contribute them, although far from the headlines, far away. They had their minutes later.

Madrid waited for his moment before the Shakhtar, who left fearful, in the attempt to protect himself with a possession taken to the caricature in the first minutes, by stopping Marlon with the ball for seconds, waiting for a pressure in which the team White did not waste energies. At times, the Brazilian mediocentro seemed like a cypress with the ball in its roots.

In the first time, the domain of Madrid responded to the hierarchy of his midfielders, but without a proportional depth. Most of the occasions of him arrived with half-distance shooting, repelled by the young Trubin, one of the scarce Ukrainians of this team plagued by Brazilians. They had more things to say with Vinicius than with others of his companions. Up to 15 aucelotti made the Ancelotti team before the break, but the goal only found it when Kryvstov cleared to his network a rained center of Lucas Vázquez. A child error, because it was not an action to the limit, which pulled out the problems with the goal from the Sheriff in the Bernabéu and for those who traveled to Kiev in an unexpected bind. Roberto de Zerbi took him the demons on the bench. The demons of Madrid later returned it to calm, which is the consistent interpretation of reality.

Ancelotti, who recovered Mendy, is returned by the result, because almost three weeks without playing, between parón and match postponed, it is an eternity when he does not come to win. It gives everyone, out and inside the house. Rehabilitated in the Champions, the classic is better faced. He now touches Koeman.

Updated Date: 20 October 2021, 03:11

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