The Marvel Universe Apabulla in 2021 driven by Spider-Man

The trend was already clear and crystalline since much before the pandemic was arreciated with its sixth scourge. The era of Coronavirus has only accentuated

The Marvel Universe Apabulla in 2021 driven by Spider-Man

The trend was already clear and crystalline since much before the pandemic was arreciated with its sixth scourge. The era of Coronavirus has only accentuated it. In the United States cinemas there is nothing other than the great productions, superheroes and franchises without an expiration date. The most complex cinema, deep, humble, author, as soon as possible. And in this new scenography nobody shines more than Marvel. In the last decade, six times he has finished the year with one of his titles at the top of the box office and 2020 has not been an exception.

Spider-Man: No Way Home has not been the 2021 clear dominator but has left records before the pandemic, surpassing the 1.3 billion collection dollars around the world and 609 million in the United States. It is, without a doubt, a milestone rather than not outlined by occurring in another difficult year for the industry for the effects of Covid. The 4,469 million dollars collected in the US invite optimism but are still light years from the 11,300 million that were billed in 2019, when the curve was clearly ascending. Then came the first contagion in Wuhan and, a few months later, the hecatomb for cinema.

Marvel, with 30% of the box office in US 2021, has already become superimposed on the crisis and has its machine well greased. In fact, its market share was 18% in 2018, the year in which Black Panther and Avengers: Infinity War clearly dominated the ticket office. The difference is that overcoming one billion dollars then was almost habitual. Five titles achieved it globally and a tape as Bohemian Rhapsody, without more superhero at the wheel than the Insigne Fredy Mercury, was about to achieve it. In 2021, only the effect of gathering the three Spider-Man interpreters in a single film has produced such a result.

The success of the proposal starring Tom Holland, Zendaya, Marisa Tomei and Benedict Cumberbatch has been such that it surpassed the one billion dollar mark around the world on its second weekend. No title had been so fast in that aspect since Star Wars' premiere: the awakening of the force in 2015.

The paradigm that prevails is even more evident by the demographic turkey that has caused the pandemic in rooms. Young people between 18 and 35, less fearful at the effects of the virus, have expanded their majority in the yard of seats in front of the caution of the older public. That scenario has favored the great superproductions and the world of comics.

It is not surprising that a work with seal like West Side Story, the Steven Spielberg version of the 1961 classic, has crashed at the box office. Neither the generalized loa of criticism has been able to prevent it from being below 30 million dollars of collection in the US. The result is even poorer internationally. It has not finished or between the 30 most talquelf filmers of the year.

He did not do well to Ridley Scott in his raid in the atrocities of medieval France, with Ben Affleck and Matt Damon as luxury squires in the last duel. Premiered in mid-October, only 10 million dollars in the US, a ruin. Your budget was 100 million euros. History is even more depressing in the case of Nomadland, winner of the Oscar for Best Film, or Minari, nominated to six golden statuettes. His collection figures are little more than anecdotal.

It is a commercial cinema universe in which Disney, owner of Marvel, is the undisputed dominator. Only two films outside the Mickey Mouse Empire, Bad Boys for Life and Jurassic World, have managed to rise with the highest annual position of the US box office in the last decade. The rest has been Star Wars, Pixar or Marvel.

The last months have not been very different in that aspect. Among the first 10 films of 2021 also appear Shang Chi and the legend of the ten rings, with 432 million dollars around the world, a black widow, with Scarlett Johansson of protagonist, and Eternals, all of Disney. Always superheroes.

The different thing has been the still low influx of public with respect to the years prior to the pandemic, which has been translated into a fall of more than 60% in cash with respect to 2019. There were high hopes deposited at a powerful end of year, but The omicron variant slowed down the impetus towards the rooms. Only spider-man in his convoluted ninth delivery has managed to reverse old laurels.

Updated Date: 06 January 2022, 04:53

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