The companies shall draw up the agenda of VET in the educational reform

Celaá defends give the Baccalaureate with a suspense: "The worst punishment is the lowering of self-esteem" The Government will give the Baccalaureate deg

The companies shall draw up the agenda of VET in the educational reform

Celaá defends give the Baccalaureate with a suspense: "The worst punishment is the lowering of self-esteem"

The Government will give the Baccalaureate degree with a subject suspended

The Government is going to put all the means at their disposal to ensure that young spaniards remain the greater possible time in the educational system. At any price. Reform VET to make it "more flexible" and appealing to families. But it will also reduce the content of the curriculum to be "less memorísticos", it removes the routes in 4th of ESO, it will make the repetition of the course in a mechanism of "exceptional"... And will "not obstruct" the path of students who wish to take the Baccalaureate: the minister Isabel Celaá defended this Monday to give the title with a suspense so as not to "lower the self-esteem" of students or remove "consistency emotional" in your career training.

During a meeting with journalists, the spokesman for the Executive said that "obey to any logic," the future legislative change ahead for THE WORLD by which the high school graduates will be able to take the title even if they have not approved everything. He explained that the so-called approved by compensation "has been doing" in schools and allow a student who suspends a subject to be able to "go forward" thanks to the "value compensator of the rest of the subjects".

he Argued that there are moments in the life of the students, especially "at puberty", in which "the machine is gripada" and it seems that "not moving forward", but then recovers "and suddenly that person seems to be the most intelligent". "You can't condemn anyone, and much less when the main objective of the school is that the student will thrive. The boards of assessment are professional and they know when the student is ready to go and that the damage that can be done holding it is much greater than that which can be done by making him to prosper", he added. Therefore, he concluded, "the worst punishment that can have a person is the lowering of self-esteem, and that is something that the centre should also deal with, because it is what gives consistency emotional the person".

he Denied that this measure is to make it "easier" to students and said that the Spanish education system "is hard". "Just by looking at the curricula you become an idea," he said, and announced that it will such a curriculum be "less extensive, less memorísticos and more up to date". He also confirmed his intention to "avoid" that the student repeat a course and remove the double-track in 4th of ESO, which until now allows you to choose either the Baccalaureate or by the FP. The title will be the same for all students.

at The same time, Celaá opted for reforming VET to remove his "stiffness" of today. The new plan, which today give more details Pedro Sánchez in a meeting with half a thousand representatives of companies, trade unions, regions, chambers of commerce and teachers, includes as a novelty that the companies participating in the drafting of the content of the degrees, something that now not make it due to the "lack of confidence" and "prejudices" that exist between the worlds of education and business. "The education will on the one hand and the company on the other and this can't be," said the minister.

"today, the entrepreneurs do not participate in the drafting of the curriculum. What makes the Ministry, and each community doing its own development, but the agendas have to adapt to the reality of the working environment", says Francisco Javier del Valle, teacher of Electricity and Electronics in the Institute Julián Marías de Valladolid and a member of CSIF.

Celaá said that companies only participate in the last stage of the journey, when he met the General Council of VET in order to approve the arrangement, and the idea is now to incorporate "from the beginning of the journey." That's why they are going to include them in the Observatory of Qualifications, decide the profiles that are needed, and, in exchange, they will be more committed in giving you "quality training" during practice-attending students, who "have more weight" in the system as a whole.

The Government also wants to reduce the time it takes from identifying the professional profiles that are needed until the degree starts to be offered, a process that now is a "bureaucracy unacceptable" because it can last for four years. "The idea is to coordinate a degree in much less time," said Celaá, as well as to "update" the offer, as many courses have become obsolete.

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Updated Date: 16 November 2018, 08:00

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