Antonio Garamendi, future head of the CEOE: "Has ended a visit to Junqueras"

the dome of The CEOE, indignant, it rejects the visit of Rosell to Junqueras The increase in the minimum wage to € 900 puts at risk up to 190.000 jobs The

Antonio Garamendi, future head of the CEOE:

the dome of The CEOE, indignant, it rejects the visit of Rosell to Junqueras

The increase in the minimum wage to € 900 puts at risk up to 190.000 jobs

The entrepreneur vasco Antonio Garamendi will be elected the next day 21 is the new president of the Spanish Confederation of Business Organizations (CEOE) and promises an employer more firmly against nationalism, populism and the defence of the interests of companies against the policy of the Government.

So it is committing to the dozens of territorial organisations and sectoral level have provided support. "No more visits to Junqueras in prison," is ensuring Garamendi in the organization as an example of change with the policy of the current president, Juan Rosell, according to THE WORLD high sources of CEOE consulted.

The employer has closed this Tuesday the deadline for submitting nominations, and Garamendi has no rivals to relieve the employer Catalan, which has had a controversial end-of-stage at the paid a visit to the former leader of Esquerra, Oriol Junqueras, in the prison of Lladoners the past, October 8, without informing the dome of CEOE to astonishment of, among others, the entrepreneur basque, which has made constant gala of its spanishness from the time of the harassment of ETA.

According to the sources consulted by THE WORLD, Garamendi is making a commitment to revitalize CEOE and posing as a general lines "the absolute independence of the political power and the sense of State with unwavering defense of the Constitution". The current president of Cepyme it is proposed to raise the tone against the policy of the Government and sticking against the current attempt to break the social dialogue and to promote a labour market reform without having the entrepreneurs.

at The time, he adds that it will "institutional loyalty", without a policy frentista that prevents the employers to keep a fluent communication with the Government of the day to be able to reach agreements, according to add these sources.

Position belligerent

Garamendi will be more belligerent that Rosell against the plans of the rise of Government taxes, the increase of the Minimum Wage at the margin of the already agreed upon with the social partners and the attacks on the industry. The new president has among its immediate plans to support the management of automotive, Anfac, to the projects of the Ministry of Energy Transition of set a date for the vehicles combustion without dialog with the manufacturers in Spain.

The request of the secretary general of UGT, Pepe Alvarez, that the Government legislates without waiting for the agreement of the social partners if this continues, there is concern about the future president of the CEOE, that batallará because the Government does not ignore the opinion of entrepreneurs.

internal key, the plan of Garamendi is an address that does not personalist and more involved with the entire organization in the positions of CEOE. Garamendi wants to assert that the employer is the organization most representative of the Spanish company and regain the space lost to other influential associations such as the Institute of Family Business and the business Circle.

Dozens of organizations have provided support to Garamendi that can be chosen on the day 21 by acclamation. The former president of Foment, Joaquín Gay of Montellà, gave up, finally, to submit an application alternative, although it questions the model of Garamendi by which the president must charge diets as compensation to your dedication to CEOE. The basque is usually to replicate that believes more transparent charging for the work done to take advantage of the charge to private businesses. The board of management has received an anonymous against Garamendi in which a leader of the CEOE that does not reveal your identity, argues that the basque leads to the organization "even more irrelevant" and that its voice will be "weak, diluted and without influence."

Garamendi already played to Rosell to the presidency four years ago, but lost to the muster 312 votes, as opposed to the 345 of Rosell. Since then, the Catalan tried to integrate with the basque giving institutional presence, though they have not come to share the same idea of how to operate the bosses, particularly the challenge sovereignty of Catalonia.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 16 November 2018, 08:00