The dramatic hair loss in autumn

If you think for a few weeks the hair is plunged, if you have started to see a good number of hair each morning on the pillow or in the drain of the shower that

The dramatic hair loss in autumn

If you think for a few weeks the hair is plunged, if you have started to see a good number of hair each morning on the pillow or in the drain of the shower that were not before there ... Yes, it's right and It is not a feeling, the hair is falling more this season.

But do not be alarmed. It is something that happens to you, to me and everyone, because in the autumn we fall more my hair. If you want to know more about this curious phenomenon that is repeated every year and what you can do about it, I invite you to continue reading. I do not guarantee you to lose less hair this autumn, but surely this fact will worry much less.

The hair is not eternal. A hair has an average life between two and seven years, and passes through three phases throughout his life that could be summarized in: Nace, grows and dies.

When he dies he falls, giving way to the birth of another new hair in that same follicle. Fortunately, not everyone killed and fall at the same time, if there would be no periods in which we would be totally bald.

In total, a healthy adult has in its head between 100,000 and 150,000 hair, and every day it falls close to 100 naturally. In autumn they can fall almost double.

It is something that affects both sexes alike and is independent of age. However, it is more frequent that in autumn come to consult more women than man worried about hair loss. This is because, usually, they usually have the hair longer than men and the fall looks more and scares more. Especially if the long hair is dark, its presence is more evident after the shower or after passing the brush, but the number of lost hair is more or less the same as in the case of people with short hair.

No. The name that receives this normal hair fall in autumn is "seasonal effluvium", and it is a different process of "acute telogen efluvio". While the first is totally normal and natural, the second is due to an alteration of the hair growth cycle that causes a very striking fall of it for a short period of time. With the seasonal fall we are not going to lose so much volume and to get to "clear", while with the other it is usually happening.

As I have already indicated a greater hair fall in autumn is something totally normal and reversible, but it could happen that you parallelly you suffer some kind of pathology such as male and female androgenic alopecia. The autumnal fall does not lead to a baldness on its own, but added to another capillary problem I am afraid that I could do it.

Actually, although I could sound strange, the hair that is falling to us now has been dead months. They are hair that died in spring, but it takes about three or four months to let go and fall, so I'm afraid that what you are doing these days is not behind that fall.

Yes, that is the good news, but you have to give time. After a few months we will recover the vast majority of those lost hair, which will sprout again without having to do anything to get it.

Actually, you should only go to an expert dermatologist in trichology if you or your family observe that it has lost density, that "Clarea". In that case it is convenient for the opinion of a professional who will study his case, analyze the causes and offer him a treatment.

At the pharmacy we have multiple options that can help us maintain a strong and healthy hair, such as vitamin or nutritional supplements, lotions that strengthen the hair root ...

Other actions that can help us are avoiding sudden movements when drying hair with towel, do not abuse dryers or hair plates, avoid stress and maintain a balanced diet.

Updated Date: 17 October 2021, 11:34

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