The island of temptations 4 | Direct | Zoe and Alejandro destroyed

After the kiss between Álvaro and Sabela last week, today we have lived two very intense situations: Zoe has entered the bonfire of the boys and Alejandro has b

The island of temptations 4 |
 Direct |
 Zoe and Alejandro destroyed

After the kiss between Álvaro and Sabela last week, today we have lived two very intense situations: Zoe has entered the bonfire of the boys and Alejandro has broken down by Tania's statements about his relationship.

The bonfires of the fourth gala have been infarmed. Zoe has not had pictures of Joshua and that has left her discolused. The organization of the program has explained that she has decided this way to prevent her from leaving the bonfire again. At first it has remained calm, but as it has been advancing, the program has been uncontrolled and it has broken into the set of the bonfire of the boys giving a scare death to Sandra Barneda, which has had to interpose between her and Joshua . The program team has been taken and Sandra has told Joshua, that he has been very concerned about his girlfriend, who has made them a skinny favor today.

Another moment that has made us retaining the breath have been the tears of Barneda when Alejandro's reaction after visualizing the images of Tania, not so much by the silly he has had with STIVEN but by what he has said about his relationship. Alejandro did not give credit: '' She can not say that she prefers to be alone. She can not break a relationship so beautiful ... '' He has supplied the presenter to see the couple of her and she has abandoned the bonfire.

The program has ended without knowing what the penalty is going to be for Zoe and Joshua. In any case, Sandra has been blunt: '' This will have consequences. Zoe has broken the rules of the program and she was aware of it! ''

Next week we will assist the first confrontation bonfire between Gal.La and Nico. Will any of the two program leave?

So far the program! Next week we will see the first bonfire of confrontation and perhaps the first expulsion.

Alejandro: '' I'm having a fatal ''

In all the videos of the night you have seen Tania with Stiven: '' It is getting carried away. The love that I have for her is infinite. I do not feel that for anyone. I think she may be happening something with Stiven. ''

Another new video. She fellow her tell her to trust her, while her doubts corrode him. Tania: '' Something in me has broken. When you get up every day and you're not happy something happens ... ''

Alejandro: '' My relationship is finished because you have seen the toys. The first was her. What are we doing? I want it more than me. She says that she is disappointed and that I have failed him. In that situation she is going to do what she feels. ''

Alejandro: '' My mother, my mother! '' See the images of her on the beach with Stiven whom she confesses that now she would live alone.

Alejandro: '' She is wrong and I do not want that. Sandra, from the heart, I do not want to continue here. They are not true the things that she is saying ... please ask for it. That such a beautiful relationship is over ... ''

Barnedapide A Alejandro who calms. He gets up, sits, not for ...: '' Let me see her, that I can explain what I feel for her. ''

The presenter asks, again, that he calms down, but Alejandro leaves the bonfire. The rest of his colleagues running behind him.

Darío is not enjoying the experience

He does not know if Sandra is still in love with him. He begins the video in which Rubo is seen and Sandra together: '' I have come to have a good time ... '' And she makes a dance. Darío responds: '' I see it very pretty. I do not see Feeling of Sandra towards Rubo although the other way around. ''

A new video shows Sandra talking to one of her companions: '' Obviously it puts me, just like you ... ''

Dario: '' These images make me doubt a little. Seeing the last video I do not trust so much. It hurts a lot to see this when you love a person. '' In the end he adds: '' I'm not fine. I'm realizing that I'm in love with her, and maybe it's too late. ''

Álvaro: '' It is being very careful. I told him that what worried me is that she fell in love with another boy here. ''

But there are more images and Álvaro see the kiss between Rosario and Suso: '' I wanted to see this to realize. It hurts because we have been together for four years. She has thought that she was going to be an experience. What has impacted me most is that she says that she is not happy with me. ''

The images for Álvaro arrives

Rosario complains that it does not tell you beautiful things: '' I'm realizing that I had normalized many things that do not have to be. '' Álvaro tells Barneda that he has been living with her very well at home: '' Now I'm not seeing what I wanted to see. The silly she had with her ... ''

Alejandro interrupts the conversation: '' I want to go ... ''

Zoe reaches the bonfire of temptations. They take it out saying I love you! Be intelligent please, I ask you, I need you to give me my place. I love you.

Sandra asks Joshua to look at the other hand. '' This is going to have consequences ... ''

Joshua: '' I know I do not want me to lose me ... '' Alejandro: '' This is happening from dark chestnut '' Joshua: '' He's going to do the impossible for not losing myself. I want to go behind her to embrace her '' Alejandro is decomposed, he begins to cry. His colleagues hug him '' I can not be here ... '' Joshua says '' Your girlfriend does not want to lose you ... '' Sandra tells him to breathe. I have given myself a scare. "When the new tempting came, she is afraid, distrust. When you skip the rules tonight there are no images for Joshua: '' I trust her and I want me to trust me. '' Sandra tells him that today Zoe has not done them a favor. The rules are very clear. I am very protective with her. I can not be there to reassure it.

It starts

Question that you need to see images of it. I am realizing that it was not happy. The first cut shows GAL.LA saying that she is a very impulsive person. She chooses Miguel. I have seen a gal. The different. I see her very comfortable. She loves to keep the distances ... ''

The conversation is interrupted and Alejandro is getting nervous to see 'long' touching Tania.

Nico: '' Gal.The is with me because he thinks he is not going to find a person as good as me. She bores everything. I do not get good things about her. ''

More images for Nico in which Gal.La tells Miguel that what he likes most about him is that he makes him laugh. '' You need you to give you cane. I would like it to be more at my level. I love the brunette guys with my eyes clear, but intimidated. I'm going to make you the best appointment you've had in your life. '' Nico replica '' I've been asking a year to give me a year. She lives as a queen. I think he sees me good and treats me like a fool ... and it gives me a lot of anger ... '' Follow the images. Nico: '' Our relationship was fatal in all aspects. He talks about things that she does not give. I'm starting to find out what I want. ''

Barneda reminds them that light has been activated in his villa. I know that some have raised the future of your relationship. Álvaro: '' I know I'm going to find images that I do not like. '' Darío: '' I would like to see that Sandra keeps me wanting. '' Alejandro: '' I know there are things that are going to hurt me. ''

The bonfire of them arrives

Each one wear the fears of facing their second bonfire on the island of temptations 4. Nico needs to see images of Darius says he expects to see a sandra just like the other time: '' I love her very much. ''

Rosario very affected: '' This guy has never wanted me '' when leaving the bonfire Tania comforts him.

The veto necklace

Each one is going to vote for a single one that veto. Tanía veto Jennifer because she can hurt Zoe. Sandra to Jennifer because it may be that Zoe bothers him. Rosario does not want to give him any touch of attention to Álvaro, and she vote for Jennifer. GAL.The '' I do not want Álvaro to feel that I'm prohibiting someone. '' Zoe has vetoed Miriam because she did not want to vote at Jennifer and she believes that Joshua will generate distrust.

The vein is Jennifer. She will not live with them in 24 hours.

Tania is worried about if Alejandro has negative words about her. '' I'm glad to see this video. She was talking, in general, of the things she has done in her life. I think sex is not taboo ... '

There is another shoot of images. Alejandro: '' I would go to bed with ten o'clock. '' He now changes his mind: '' He is not a man, he has no respect for me. I need to admire my life partner ... '' In the Villa I have connected with Stiven, he is a wonderful guy. '' I'm letting go, but I'd be sorry if I get a relationship ends because it would be for him. I'm in love with Alejandro and I would like to see images of the man that I fell in love. ''

The images of continue

GAL.LA: '' I think Miriam can be a prototype of woman who likes him. So far I have not seen anything not to go out with him from here without a nico. ''

There are more images. After watching the video with Rosana and what Nico says she asks for a bonfire of confrontation. '' It's a village of pigs that just wants to talk about sex, it's the only thing you've shown me ... if he wants to stay and I'm leaving, I'm so calm ... ''

Barneda collects his request. If you reject it will have consequences for it, but at the moment you can not advance it. '' I prefer to go to my house and stay here and do what you want. ''

The Gal videos are demolitioners

GAL.LA: '' I think I'm the least I can fear. I think Rosana can be a temptation for Nico. '' I think I'm going to leave here with you. '' Nico confesses that living with GAL.The is a boredom: '' I have two and a half years with her but I do not feel anything. '' '' I'm very disappointed. She is saying things that she knows that I am going to listen to her. Also that she talks to fuck more or less. She knows that these comments hurt me because I do not have it right. ''

Sandra Barneda announces that there are more images. '' What bothers me is that I talk about me, not that I want to do a trio. "" A Zoe This last statement would bother him. And there are still more.

Now is the bonfire of zoe

'' If you have seen my images, you will believe that it has an excuse to do the same. '' Sandra announces: '' No images of Joshua for you. When you leave the last bonfire we believe that the best way to start trusting Joshua and it is not to show you images. 'The island of temptations' is also a trusted proof. '' Zoe cries desperately: '' I need to see that he misses me, who thinks something about me ... '' Barneda tells her that she has to reinforce as a person .

Arrival Sandra's turn

The first thing he sees is the first interview between Darío and his appointment. She believes she does not like it, she does not see 'feeling': '' I see her as her friend. '' In the second round of images Darío says she would like Sandra to try better because she has a lot of character. ''

Seeing it Sandra begins to cry: '' With me it does not lack anything. She always tells me to treat her badly, but I am very just ... I do not feel desired by Darío. I get to work and do not listen to me ... it's hard ... I feel lonely. It hurts that I do not see the good part. I am the most understanding ... ''

Rosario: '' Here I have congeniated with someone and I'm not going to repress. '' When I gave him that bracelet he told me: '' While carrying it, it will mean that we are together ... ''

Rosario is the first in the bonfire

See the images with your companions. Rosario: '' I fear momentous moments than those I saw in the previous bonfire. '' They show them the video in which the boys start comforting: '' Tonight the alarm is going to sound at the top ... '' Rosario believes that The relationship of Álvaro with Sabela is only sexual desire.

In the second round of images you can see the preliminaries of the kiss. Álvaro: '' I want everything. '' Rosario replica: '' I know him so much ... '' Barneda reminds him that he is talking from anger: '' Now you have to do it from my heart. '' Rosario knows that she too too He has pierced the limit but he also knows that when these images were produced he did not know: '' I have a life with him. My mother before coming, said: Please, I want you to come back together. You can with this and what comes ahead of you. Does this guy have loved me ever? ''

Sandra announces that there is another video: '' If it is stronger than this I do not want to see it. ''

Enters a new single

Jennifer enters the boy's house. Joshua says: '' You started something. '' He knows her. Zoe says: '' I can not believe it ... if he falls with this girl ... he does not like it ... I feel bad in case he is wrong. I would go to the other villa to tell him: I told you. '' Jennifer entered Joshua for Social Networks: '' I learned about his tone-tone conversation for two days before leaving to live with him. ''

Before the videos

The girls are counting their feelings before the bonfire starts. Rosario: '' I do not miss Álvaro as much as he thought. I'm sorry because he came with a different idea. We had an agreement. The one who failed remained with my Gata 'peach'. ''

Tania: '' I'm calm, but I think something inside me has broken. ''

Sandra: '' I'm nervous, I have doubts. ''

GAL.LA: '' I feel tempted by Miguel, I'm feeling something for him that I have not felt for any kid before. ''

The girls go to the bonfire

Zoe: '' I need to see a Joshua that respects me. I hope not to tear me, ", Rosario: '' I know I have pierced a limit with Suso and it gives me more fear what he can see from me. I hope to see a different Ale but I know that is not going to happen. '' Sandra: '' At prior moments, fear enters me. '' Sandra Barneda recalls that the light of temptation has sounded several times in the town. .

Rosario does not want to tell Simone, who does nothing but ask him. Zoe believes that Tania is behaving very well, and she does not like the Alejandro she has known. That is why she is afraid of the bonfire.

Nico believes that Álvaro is very happy with Sabela

Rosario: '' I have contradictory feelings. I'm afraid of how Álvaro can act. He is very vengeful. "While, Álvaro is relying with Sabela: '' He makes me feel very alive. I have already reached the kiss, now the other is missing ... ''

Nico: '' I do not miss GAL.The as I thought. '' Rosana is confused when he sees that he is closer to Miriam. GAL.The believes that Nico would not come to pass: '' He is a prototype of boy that I like. Here inside him I would not go to anyone. ''

GAL.LA: '' I do not know the light of temptation because I prefer to trust Nico. "For his part, Miguel, the bachelor, is trying to open.

Tania lick the torso of Stiven

The game of ice arrives. Rosario and Suso are very competitive and she is clear. Meanwhile, Nico accompanies Miriam to the bathroom of her room: '' I am fighting against nature. What I am holding the desire. '' Miriam tells her that she does not understand it. The reason for her: '' Then it's better. ''

The singles play with Alejandro, who is with the naked torso and blindfolded. '' We have begun to bind it. '' Stiven asks Tania to be sincere with respect to her feelings.

Sandra and Hugo also have your moment

Sandra does not like the guys who overwhelms her. Darío is the one who shows more sincere: '' I do not think my partner like to see me doing these things. ''

Nico stars the first images of the program in Villa Playa. He believes that Miriam has more possibilities than Rosana. For the part of him, in Villa Paraíso has seen a kiss and a rise tension between Suso and Rosario, who tells him at the pool party: '' You are becoming a very important person for me. ''

Lola and Simone had an intense story in 'the island of temptations 3', but its relationship ended up as the Rosary of La Aurora. Lola is surprised that the Italian has decided to return to the program.

Gal·la will be another of the protagonists of the program. On the verge of abandonment by her complexes, she has confessed that she feels inferior.

Today we will assist two bonfires, that of the boys and the girls. In both, great emotional tension will be lived.

We will also see Simone, the new bachelor who is trying to conquer Zoe: "Joshua is going to bother him"

The island of temptations begins to have movement. Zoe skips the standards and the sensual images of the contestant and Tania have left Joshua and Alejandro very worried: "It is clear that she likes it."

Date Of Update: 01 December 2021, 20:03

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