The new life of a single heir of Camilo Sesto

The son of Camilo Sesto is presented in the house of the cantanteCamilín and his mother come to the house of Camilo Sesto Just 48 hours after the incineration

The new life of a single heir of Camilo Sesto
The son of Camilo Sesto is presented in the house of the cantanteCamilín and his mother come to the house of Camilo Sesto

Just 48 hours after the incineration of the Camilo Sesto -who died a week ago at the Quirón hospital of Madrid - his son Camilo Blanes Ornelas (35 years) was installed in the house in which the artist sought refuge in his last years: the famous villa-fortress in the colonia la Berzosa, in Torrelodones, that the own Camilo Sesto cemented even more after suffering a violent assault in the early hours of 12 January 2013, when three types dressed in camouflage and with weapons he was tied up, while desvalijaban the property. They took jewelry, watches, electronics, and 2,500 euros. is Miguel Angel Ruz , the former representative of the singer, and Pedro Luis Rodríguez-Almeida , exproductor, were arrested by the Civil Guard, six months later, on suspicion of being the brains of a blow that for Camilo was a real blow to moral. Now, six years after that episode, Camilo Jr. has landed in the outside shrine of his late father.

from Mexico, the heir of Camilo Sesto arrived in time to fire in the SGAE, where the funeral chapel was installed that moved thousands of fans. Next to him, his mother, Lourdes Ornelas , with whom the singer never got along very well. So strained was their relationship, that in the few occasions that Ornelas went to the chalet in Torrelodones for domestic affairs, Camilo Sesto forced to enter by the service door. It did not matter that it was the woman who gave birth to her only son, or that at times had served as the president of her fan club in Mexico, his native country, where he works as the public relations of artists and collaborates with Televisa and the magazine "Hello!". In recent years, the disagreements between the artist from alicante, and who was one of his greatest admirers were so many and so profound -" Camilo is a doll without will. The people in your environment, you have a captive audience ", he went on to say-, that Lourdes Ornelas has given up seats in the house of his ex, although he did not hesitate to accompany your child on the day of their landing in Torrelodones. In telephone calls to the chalet, ABC has tried to get in contact with Camilo Jr. throughout this week, but when I was not playing tennis, he was sleeping the siesta.

Miami and Madrid

Camilo Sesto always tipped over with its unique stem , for whom he abandoned his life as an artist in asset. He settled in Miami and he returned to Madrid, where they spent moments very happy. He always sought the best education. She enrolled in Dramatic Arts in Los Angeles, the Lee Strasberg Theatre & Film Institute, but never went through the imagination that the guy would decide to follow in his footsteps in the world of music. When it is said, Sesto replied emphatically: "What you have to do is study Law and defend my interests".

Camilo Sesto and his son, in 1989, in Mallorca - EFE

In recent times, however, relaxed his posture and ended up cheering Camilín -as is also known the young man- to devote himself with zeal to his true vocation and compose without fainting . And that has made. Now you still have to launch a disk with the Camilo Sesto and I was excited.

Your friend Angela Carrasco , who has always shown a loyalty test, confirmed to ABC that he was a man "extremely reserved." The singer who gave life to Mary Magdalene in "jesus Christ Superstar" was with him for fourteen days before his death and said that " it was perfectly. I was happy". "The problem was that it broke the carcañales of the feet and not the babies. I had many difficulties to walk," adds Carrasco. "What most worried Camilo were the journeys through the long corridors of the airport, then refused to do the route in a wheelchair."

In recent times it has been speculated with the p osibilidad that Camilo had economic difficulties , but the fortune that he amassed an estimated 8 million, according to the journal "Heart". With more than 175 million albums sold around the world, the alcoyano perceived to 200,000 euros yearly by the rights of the author and 50,000 euros in royalties, as reported to ABC a source close to the SGAE, where it has 350 songs recorded. In five of them also appears to his son as co-creator. These earnings are managed Christopher Hueto , one of his trusted men, through Camilo Ediciones Musicales SL This society, according to the last deposit accounts, 2018, have an annual income of 57.722 euros and a net worth of 401.325 euros.

Headquarters of the PSOE

The singer is listed as the sole manager of Torrepeñote SL, which has been used since 1999 for the purchase-sale of real estate. This society has a net worth of more than 800,000 euros. One of the best real estate investments Camilo was selling the PSOE of the building of the calle Ferraz , where is the headquarters of the party and that he pocketed in his day to 1,200 million pesetas.

the name of the singer also figure a home of 344 square metres of The Gardens, situated on a plot of 2,022 square feet in "The Poplar". That residence is in addition to the in Torrelodones, where he has lived until the end of his days and where he now has his son returned to the waiting to know, in 15 days, the last wishes of your parent.

Date Of Update: 14 September 2019, 03:00

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