The presenter Laura Bozzo ceases to be a prófuga: it is no longer looking for and capture

"Having gone to prison, I would be dead," said Laura Bozza after staying more than three months hidden to avoid arrest warrant for tax evasion he weighed agai

The presenter Laura Bozzo ceases to be a prófuga: it is no longer looking for and capture

"Having gone to prison, I would be dead," said Laura Bozza after staying more than three months hidden to avoid arrest warrant for tax evasion he weighed against him. On August 11, the Peruvian presenter had to enter the prison of Santiaguito, in Acapulco, but never did, which caused the Attorney General's Office of the Republic to issue a 'red file' to the Interpol to look for the fugitive in More than 190 countries. This order was left without effect last Monday, when Bozzo made the payment of a part of the amount disappointed and left the hiding place of it by sharing the testimony of it in social networks and interviews in media.

"I was not hiding in anyone's house, I was in a place in Mexico, I've never moved from the country and I'll never (...) I just protected my health and, thank God, Mexican justice gave me the opportunity to appear . I have gone to the Court to make a payment and they gave me the definitive suspension, "the Mexican nationalized journalist confessed. According to transcended, BOZZO would have already paid 2,600,000 pesos (about 108,000 euros) as collateral, of 13 million pesos (about 500,000 euros) that the authorities claim for a fraudulent manner, when it weighed a Embargo order for debts previously contracted by the presenter. In the absence of the parties to reach a final agreement, the income in prison of one of the most recognized faces of Mexican television has been suspended.

In his first statements after leaving his run from justice, Laura Bozzo has given her own version of the facts: "The problem is an audit of 2012 that was handled very badly. The accountant that I had forgot to put my address. No It is that I have evaded, but it was an audit where I paid triple taxation, there I got into a huge mess, but all this is going to be clarified. Basically the problem is from the accountants and mine for not having taken care of. " The expressive of 'Laura in America' has assured that the idea of her "never left, was to solve this topic," but that "being in a jail is dead, I would not endure it."

The lawyers of the journalist treated by all means of preventing their income in prison until the celebration of judgment alleging health problems, but their request was rejected. Today Bozzo has denied that this claim was a lie: "I suffer very strong depression problems, diagnosed clinically, then for me being in a criminal is a death sentence because, in addition, I suffer from a thousand things. I do not see them because I am a very person Positive and I always try to take out energy to give a good image before the public. "

The presenter has also confessed that during his escape he thought a lot in his followers: "For me it was a pain because I thought a lot: 'What would people think?', And it was saying: 'First your life'. For me I would have left running , but I had to pay attention. " Throughout these three months, Bozzo has assured having suffered "a very big pain", since "for the first time I am going to be a grandmother and my older daughter married and I could not attend her wedding." Despite her experienced experience, the Peruvian presenter says she is "quiet" and that "I have several projects I should do."

This is not the first time that Bozzo faces problems with justice. The most sounded case was in 2002, when she was arrested at the airport of Lima for a supposed link with the Network of Corruption led by Vladimir Montesinos, Advisor to Peruvian Expresident Alberto Fujimori, sentenced to 25 years in prison for crimes against humanity . Ella Bozzo was charged with generic falsehood, an illicit association for the deletion and laundering of money. Waiting for the trial, the journalist she turned three years of house arrest until, in 2006, she was sentenced to four years in prison. She bozzo never stepped on a prison in Peru, nor did she assume her responsibility, instead, she decided to take a plane with Mexico destination to leave behind her problems with Peruvian justice.

The presenter has promised that "we are going to return to television but with the original program, 'Laura in America', but with many things that I have to fix, but above all social help, which distinguished me, what made me different , because I'm not a television star, I'm a person close to people who love to help. " Bozzo has thanked Mexican justice and has insisted that "any clarification on this topic, we are going to clarify them with evidence, because I like me that I am a lawyer, Paper, we are going to finish all that defamatory campaign against me ".

Date Of Update: 26 November 2021, 13:03

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