Three accounts that do not ask for a payroll to dodge commissions

Since most banks hardened the conditions of their bank accounts and raised the price of service (there are currently customers who pay up to 240 euros a year),

Three accounts that do not ask for a payroll to dodge commissions

Since most banks hardened the conditions of their bank accounts and raised the price of service (there are currently customers who pay up to 240 euros a year), accounts without commissions and without requirements are a new hook.

And there are few banks that use this type of incentive to attract new looks. Several traditional U online entities offer alternatives for those who are not interested in linking with a bank to escape the expenses of their account. From the financial comparator stand out the following three payroll accounts and without commissions, which do not apply maintenance costs, or by debit cards or by transfers.

ABANCA offers the clear account, which does not charge commissions or forces the client to domicile income. When registering in ABANCA and hiring this account, the owner will also have access to a free debit card, with which it is possible to withdraw cash without paying commissions at any bank and, outside of Galicia, five times a month in The Euro 6000, Bankia, Banco Sabadell, Bankinter, Box of Architects and Box of Engineers. Children under 35, in addition, have five free monthly retreats at any cashier located abroad.

All regular operations (transfers, transfer, check-out and movements, bizum ...) have no cost, so the client has access to a complete banking experience without having to pay a euro or comply with any connection condition.

The Bank does not force home income to escape commissions, but bonuses those who do with an incentive of 150 euros. Customers who move to Abainca their payroll or pension equal to 600 euros will access the gift, as long as they maintain income during, at least, 24 months.

OpenBank is a Spanish digital bank, a subsidiary of Banco Santander, which markets different types of accounts without commissions. From highlight Lacuenta Current Open for those who seek an option without cost and without requirements.

All customers who are discharged at the bank can operate and use bizum without paying commissions and without the need to bring their income or hire additional products.

The account does not have a maintenance commission, includes a free debit card with which it is possible to withdraw cash at all ATMs of Banco Santander in Spain and offers a multichannel operation. The client can perform all its operations and consultations both from the Web or the APP and from the telephone banking service of the entity. Of course, if the account is opened with joint ownership, only the first holder will have the free debit card, the rest must pay an annual commission of 18 euros.

The German digital entity offers the N26 account, a free alternative and without linking requirements. Like the above, it does not generate maintenance expenses and allows us to issue transfers in euros without paying commissions. However, the free debit card it offers is virtual (the physical version has a single cost of 10 euros). The first three withdrawn with the card at any cashier of the euro zone are also without commissions.

This virtual card is a good option for online payments, although it can also be used in physical and cashier businesses through Apple Pay or Google Pay. Cash withdrawals must be made in ATMs that support the ContactLess system if they are performed with the virtual version of the card.

However, N26 has some differences with respect to Abanca or OpenBank: At the moment, it does not have a bizum service and does not allow domiciling unemployment or pension, since it does not collaborate with social security or with the tax agency.

As explained by the comparator, customers who receive monthly income of pension or unemployment benefit can be decided by the first two options, which accept income without problem. Another alternative is the unique account Debonco Mediolanum, which supports any recurring income of at least 700 euros and, in return, eliminates the usual account commissions, offers free debit and credit cards and, in addition, pays 1.75% tin Annual for two months on the first 10,000 euros (0.29% TAE).

Date Of Update: 03 August 2021, 19:34

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