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One of the castings that emerges from the Volcanic eruption of Old Summit, in La Palma, has been separated from the route followed by the others when it was 350

Today's news, October 7 |
 Last hour of today, live

One of the castings that emerges from the Volcanic eruption of Old Summit, in La Palma, has been separated from the route followed by the others when it was 350 meters from the coast and has devastated more platareman's crops as well as with deposits and Some buildings.

This lava has fallen to the sea in the area between the guirres and the charcón, area in which in 1949 the San Juan Volcano created a Fajana, according to the director of the National Geographic Institute in Canarias, María José Blanco, and the Technical Director of the volcanic risk prevention plan, Miguel Ángel Morcuende.

This Thursday began in Germany the process against a former guard of a 100-year-old concentration camp, the accused of older Nazi crimes in being judged in the country, Josef Schütz, former Cape main of the division "Totenkopf" (Skull) of the Waffen-SS. He is judged by "complicity in the murders" of 3,518 prisoners while operating in the concentration camp of Sachsenhausen, not far from Berlin, between 1942 and 1945.

Among its opening in 1936 and its release by the Soviets on April 22, 1945, by the field of Sachsenhausen, about 200,000 prisoners passed, mainly political opponents, Jewish and homosexuals. Several tens of thousands of them died, mainly due to exhaustion due to forced labor and the cruel conditions of detention.

The Swiss billionaire Ernesto Bertarelli and his wife Kirtsy, Miss United Kingdom 1988, and singer Pop until recently have announced his overcoming after 21 years of marriage. The divorce agreement allows the British model to become the richest woman in the United Kingdom, ahead of Queen Isabel II, with more than 410 million euros.

It is estimated that Ernesto Bertarelli's fortune exceeds 10,000 million euros. In the Acurdo Kirsty he has also obtained the ownership of a house on Lake Leman, rated at 57 million, and an 8 million apartment at the Gstaad ski resort, all in Switzerland.

Abdulrazak Gurnah has received the Nobel Prize for Literature 2021. Gurnah is the seventh African writer who enters the Award palmarés: Wole Soyinka, Naguib Mahfouz, W.M. Coetzee, Nadine Gordimer, in addition to the Frenchman Albert Camus and the English Doris Lessing (born and raised in Algeria and Zimbabwe, respectively), preceded him.

"It's a wonderful prize, full of big authors. I'm still trying to get to the idea," the writer told the Reuters agency. Gurnah was born in 1948 in Zanzibar (Tanzania) and resides in the United Kingdom. There are two Gurnah books published in Spanish: paradise (the Aleph, 1997), is the most valued among criticism.

Irene Montero, Minister of Equality of the Government of Spain, has been cited on October 27, Wednesday, in a Court of Collado Villalba (Madrid) to celebrate an act of reconciliation with Francesco Arcuri, ex-husband of Juana Rivas, according to Know the world.

Italian requested this reconciliation last month, obligatorily prior to the presentation of a complaint by insult and slander, in understanding that Montero broke his rights by publicly treating him as an abuser, and by obviating that his ex-wife has been sentenced to two years and jail medium for kidnapping the children of both between 2016 and 2017. Arcuri has called on this conciliation to Montero an amount of 80,000 euros in the concept of damages to his honor, an amount he would allocate, according to the same demand for Conciliation to charitable entities.

The most controversial measure of the new Housing Law announced by the Government will be to intervene the rental market. The map of the zones tensioned by the rent also coincides with that of the location of the large homemade, legal entities that have more than 10 homes. The provinces with more municipalities affected by the rises of leased homes are Barcelona, Valencia, Madrid and Balearicos.

Catalan universities begin to implement the Generalitat's plan to control teachers who apply bilingualism in classroom, using indistinctly Castilian and Catalan based on their linguistic preferences and the demands of students enrolled.

This has been confirmed by some of the main college centers of the community to the world. Some had come forward even to the demand of the Catalan government and have already taken years at the linguistic uses of their faculty.

The UAB promises that it will send to the Generalitat "anonymous" teachers and the UB says that it will attend "the student who does not understand".

The General Budgets of the State (PGE) of 2022 contain a new hit to private savings: the maximum that can be provided to individual pension plans will be reduced again and will remain in just 1,500 euros. The Government has already drastically reduced this figure from 8,000 to 2,000 euros and now, despite the petitions of the sector so that it will be revised upwards, it applies a new reduction of 500 euros.

A new earthquake has been recorded on the island of La Palma. It took place southwest of Villa de Mazo, has been cataloged from 4.3 degrees and took place at 35 kilometers deep, according to the National Geographic Institute. It is the strongest seamience to date since the beginning of volcanic eruption and has taken place at 12:17 noon, local time.

In addition, a new lava tongue has reached the sea between the areas of the guirres and the Chark, according to the chain to be. At the moment, the experts on the ground are not clear what is its precise origin. The light bulb, the only location close to this new focus, has already been evacuated.

The Minister of Education, Pilar Alegría, has reduced the hours of religion to reinforce Castilian language, mathematics, medium knowledge and artistic teachings. In the time distribution corresponding to the minimum teachings for primary school (from six to 12 years old), religious teaching loses one third of the weight held in the Organic Education Law (LEE), as it passed from 315 hours at 210 hours throughout the stage.

The most important subject will be a Spanish language and literature, with 840 hours, followed by mathematics (545 hours), knowledge of the natural, social and cultural environment (480), a foreign language (365), artistic education (360) and physical education (300 ). The last of the tail are religion, with 210 hours, and education in civic and ethical values, with 50 hours, because it is only given in a course at the end of the cycle.

The Council of Ministers today approved the budgets of 2022, accounts with the greatest public spending on history and in which the arrival of an additional 27,633 million of European funds is due. This last fact is undoubtedly significant because it is some funds with which the government still does not count. The Government, however, has not shown any doubt that it will have that figure in its entirety, and has presumed the great disbursement that will take place to be "the vehicle of recovery", as explained by the Minister of Finance , María Jesús Montero, at the press conference after the Council.

The insurance compensation consortium (CCS) has paid a total of 3,696,711 euros affected by volcanic eruption on the Island of La Palma and the payments, made by bank transfer to the insured, correspond to 17 homes already A mercantile establishment that has been destroyed by lava.

Catalan nightclubs can open their doors this midnight. The contentious room of the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) has authorized the measures of the Generalitat to control the risk of health emergency by the Coronavirus, among which the application of the Covid passport in the Catalan leisure premises is able to access, a Petition claimed by the sector has long.

The Union and the Association of Organizations of Banana Producers of Canarias (Asprocan) have announced the start of freezing tests of the Canary Islands banana damaged by the ash of the palm volcano, using for it A new technology that manages to maintain the fruit for as long as necessary, preserving all its taste and nutrient qualities once it is thawed.

The objective of this initiative is aimed at fighting the food waste of a product that, although it is in perfect condition for consumption, by European regulations is not suitable to be marketed to be damaged, exclusively, in its external image. Thus, the totality of the fruit, once treated, cut and packaged will be donated to social dining rooms.

"My total repentance for crime by which I fulfill this sentence, and my personal request for forgiveness to the victim for the damages caused, which I am deeply, and also to their direct relatives." With these words, in handwritten letters and the fist and lyrics of him, José Ángel Preta asks for forgiveness to the victim of the group rape by which he was condemned by the other four members of the known as the herd.

The letter he has advanced the newspaper and who has had access the world, written from Port III of Cádiz, where he is prisoner, and dated July 21, 2021, was sent a couple of months ago by the garment to the Second section of the provincial audience of Navarra, the body that judged the case in November 2017.

The Judicial Horizon of Juan Carlos de Borbón will be cleared in the near future when the Supreme Court's Prosecutor's Office decreases the archive of the three preprocessal diligence that keeps it open against the head of the state for almost a year. The archival decree is being drafted, as confidential said on Wednesday, and confirmed tax sources to the world.

For months, the shadow of the archive had surveiled over the king's figure, although in the general prosecutor's office was commented that the Attorney General, Dolores Delgado, urged again and again to exhaust the investigation against King Emeritus with the Practice of new diligences. However, the two tax regularizations and the inviolability of King Emeritus before 2014 prevent persecuting it by criminal route.

The assignment of the PSOE before United can in the intervention of the rental market has led the Government president to deploy bonojarenes to try to eclipse the triumphalism of the dwellings after the covenant of the housing law. The head of the Executive, Pedro Sánchez, in just 24 hours, promised young 250 euros for rental for rent and 400 euros to spend on culture to those who turn 18 in 2022 -citizens who will vote for the first time in the elections planned for 2023-. He tambled the young checks for rent and culture, but eliminates budgeting the bonus bonus and expanding maternity leave that their government partners asked for.

The most controversial measure of the new housing law announced by the Government will be to intervene the rental market to lower prices in tensioned areas. Apart from the debate so that each of the CCAA declare or not the tensioned areas and the intentions of the home rise or not prices, the analysis of the world of data from the housing rental of the Ministry of Transportation reflects That 1,010 municipalities (out of a total of 7,592) would be affected by the new measure.

Find what are the municipalities in which the rental price has skyrocketed

The PP leaves in Tromba against the future housing law. The President of the PP, Pablo Married, announced this Wednesday an appeal of unconstitutionality before the new standard on Government rentals to intervene the maximum prices of the lease of the holding companies of many homes in "tensioned" areas. Andalusia, Castilla y León and Madrid, communities where the PP governs, ultimate alternatives that facilitate access to housing and Murcia taches the "exproporatory" standard.

The autonomies governed by the PP will not only apply the measures that the Executive wants to approve, but will promote other different fiscal incentives and undertake to increase the Public Housing Park for rent releasing soil as it raised married on Sunday in Valencia. This is how they assure the world sources of the communities led by the popular.

Volcanic eruption in Old Summit has entered into a stability phase, which would help not increase damage already caused, according to scientists, who nevertheless warn a worsening in air quality in the coming hours.

Scientists trust that damage do not go to more if the volcano is really stabilized and the lava flow is still channeled towards the sea as it is happening in recent days, but at the same time they warn that a rash is "a changing reality "Before you have to maintain maximum prudence and high guard. In fact, the volcano continues to emit 5,849 tons of sulfur dioxide, an indication that aiming that the end of the eruption is not yet close.

The Supreme Court has sentenced to the United States Deputy and former Secretary of Organization of Training Alberto Rodríguez for a crime of attack on agents of authority to a month and a half prison. The magistrates have reduced the penalty when considering that undue delays occurred in the processing of the case. In addition, the prison sentence is replaced by a 90-day fine with a daily fee of six euros, which represent 540 euros.

The ruling adds that the sentence to the Central Electoral Board is notified to the appropriate effects. The consequence of the final sentence will be, according to legal sources, that Rodríguez should leave the seat of him in Congress.

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