Today's news, September 23 | Last hour of today, live

This Tuesday, while curious in social networks, Ada Monnikendam was hallucinated when she saw one of the most iconic photos of the palm eruption. It is the im

Today's news, September 23 |
 Last hour of today, live

This Tuesday, while curious in social networks, Ada Monnikendam was hallucinated when she saw one of the most iconic photos of the palm eruption. It is the image of an idyllic single-family house that miraculously survived the Lava River of the Old Summit Volcano, in a tiny island surrounded by Azabache Rock. "That house I know her! We built her my husband and me!" Her exclaimed.

At that moment, ADA called the owners of the village. It is about Inge and Rainer Cocq, a marriage of Danish retirees that do not step on the island since it started the pandemic, because they are octogenarians and feared the contagion.

Gonzalo Suárez speaks with the protagonists of history.

Emergencies 112 Andalusia has served more than 400 incidents by the heavy rains registered in the Municipalities of Isla Cristina, Ayamonte and Lepe, who have provoked housing and shopping floodes.

The PSOE will accommodate Carmen Calvo and José Luis Ábalos as presidents of the Equality and Interior Commissions of Congress after Peter Sánchez took them out of the executive last July.

After a few months, the Socialist Parliamentary Group offers a beneficial output to both, because in addition to the institutional post presiding up a Congress Commission, the position entails an extra complement of 1,551.58 euros per month, as established by the economic regime of the deputies .

The full Council of the General Council of the Judicial Power (CGPJ) has agreed on Thursday to eject from the judicial career of the Polémic Magistrate Manuel Arce for a very serious lack consisting of the disregard or the unjustified and reiterated delay in the processing of judicial processes. Fourteen vowels have voted in favor of expulsion and seven against, according to legal sources to the world.

The European Commission wants that within three or four years, at most, all electronic devices for daily use are charged with the same charger, regardless of their brand. If the idea goes ahead, mobile phones, tablets, digital cameras, video consoles, headphones or portable speakers will have to be manufactured with the USB-C port and companies will have to offer the possibility that whoever acquires a new device does it without new chargers , to save on costs and to reduce the impact on the environment. It has it from Brussels, Pablo R. Suances.

The National Police has arrested two young people related to Dominicans Don't Play (DDP) for their alleged relationship with a boy in a Carabanchel park, which suffered the semi-cloth of a right hand.

The national audience has ordered the closure of a magazine and a website about the situation of prisoners edited by SORTU. The Auto dictated by Magistrate Manuel García Castellón last day 15 states that the closure aims to avoid "the traction of the trajectory and extracting of members of the terrorist band ETA," says Manuel Marraco.

The Alicante Rider Jairo Huertas suffered a unimportant fall when the horse slipped into an exercise, but he stepped on him causing injuries from which faith could not recover at the hospital.

The eruption of the volcano in La Palma has awakened a wave of solidarity. In the last hours, initiatives of all kinds have been launched: Banks have made available to neighbors who need empty housing, several town halls have opened bank accounts in which to make donations from anywhere in the world and on the island Multiple aid points have been enabled in which clothing, footwear, etc. donations can be made. If you want to help in La Palma, here we leave you a way to do it.

The delegation of the Government of the Canary Islands, at the request of civil protection, has requested to create two restricted zone of airspace in La Palma to facilitate the work of the emergency operation and avoid the use of private drones in these areas, confirm sources of ENAIRE.

One of these areas is over the sea and the other on earth. These are areas where commercial aircraft do not fly and, therefore, were not subject to restrictions. Count all the information Raquel Villaceja.

A new research at the Erasmus University Medical Center (Erasmus MC), in the Netherlands, has discovered that an infection by Covid-19 can cause Guillain-Barré's syndrome, as its authors published in Brain magazine, collects Europe Press.

Guillain-Barré's syndrome is an autoimmune disorder in which a person's immune system attacks nerves, causing muscle weakness and, sometimes, paralysis. It can last for weeks or several years and it is a relatively rare disease, but it can be serious.

The former President of Bankinter, Jaime Botín, paid in summer the fine of 91.7 million euros imposed by removing irregularly the Picassocabex painting of young woman, as he has advanced expansion. The former banker is waiting for him to confirm the entrance of him in prison, appealed.

A 78-year-old woman has died at the Arnau University Hospital of Vilanova de Lleida after last Tuesday she was run over by an electric skateboard on Avenida de Cataluña de la capital of Segrià.

The coalition between PP and citizens of the City of Madrid crosses one of its worst moments. The distrust between the teams of the mayor and the vicealcaldea has grown many integers after Tuesday Begoña Villacís announced that the capital is going to opt for the Olympic Games of 2036 and after the public disavowor of José Luis Martínez-Almeida, who said this Wednesday That "it is not prudent" launching the candidacy without first obtaining the unity of all the political groups. He tells us all the details Luis Ángel Sanz.

How many public employees are there in Spain and how much do they charge? The public sector has reached its historical maximum in full pandemic. Marcos Iriarte Analyze all the data.

The National Institute of Statistics (INE) has recently reduced the Growth Data of the Spanish Economy in the second quarter of the year: in the forward figure, it considered that the rebound between April and June was 2.8%, while That in the revision he has published this Thursday has reduced the data up to 1.1%. That is, a downgrade of 1.7 points that shows that the behavior of the economy was not as vigorous as estimated, Informa Daniel Viaña.

Germany will stop paying indemnities to unvaccinated workers who are obliged to quarantine for measures against Coronavirus, since it is unfair to ask the taxpayers who subsidize those who refuse to vaccinate, declared the Minister of Health on Wednesday, Jens Spahn.

The population of La Palma does not have to worry about the air that breathes at this time because it is not harmful to your health. All the analysis of air quality that the Military Emergency Unit (UME) is performing negative results. You can continue here the last hour of the Palma volcano.

Franciso Cabezentrevista to Fali, played from the Cádiz, who on Thursday faces FC Barcelona. But history does not begin with this interview, but on the days when the toughest pandemic hit and went to the balcony to applaud the toilets. Rafael Giménez (Valencia, 1993), Fali for football, could not go to train with the Cádiz because fear paralyzed him. He has no mobile. He took that of his wife, Mary, and found oxygen among those who asked him. This journalist could not then capture that emotional torrent on paper, but he established the bond with which the circle closes here.

The full of the CGPJ decides today if it definitely set aside the polemic judge Manuel Arce, sanctioned and a fortnight of times. He tells us all the Details Angela Martialay.

Is the government leaving them behind? Why will not you check your salary? Are you going to lose purchasing power? What does inflation have to do with this? What does the majority union call for in public function? In today's podcast we respond to these and other questions with Daniel Viaña, Economy Editor.

The frantic rhythm that rises the purchase of housing in Spain after confinement is only almost comparable with the speed at which the stock of houses available in the market descends. The pandemic has left behind both complementary realities and experts warn that the main consequence could fall on the price side. He says, María Hernández tells it.

The executive director of Moderna, Stéphane Bansel, believes that Coronavirus pandemic could end up in a year, since the increase in vaccine production guarantees the world supply, according to Reuters of his statements to the Swiss newspaper Neue Zercher Zeitung. "If the expansion of the production capabilities of the entire industry is taken into account in the last six months, in the middle of the next year there should be enough dose so that all the inhabitants of the Earth can be vaccinated. The reinforcements should also be Possible as necessary, "he declared the newspaper in an interview. Soon you can even vaccinate babies, he said.

"How long could the current volcanic eruption in Old Summit last? It is a very assiduous question that they ask us, "said yesterday the Canary Islands Volcanological Institute (Involcan) on their Facebook account. "Using the data we know about the duration of historical eruptions that occurred on the island of La Palma, a possible answer to this easy question could be obtained," the scientific organization continued.

"Therefore, it would be acceptable to convey that we move in the range of a duration between 24 and 84 days, with a geometric average of the 55-day order," he concluded in response in his response to such a pressing question as, Actually, impossible to answer with certainty. What is clear is that we do not find ourselves before a punctual emergency, nor do we know if the worst has already happened, reports Angel Díaz.

The president of the Government, Pedro Sánchez, has torn off his speech before the General Assembly of the UN talking about the devastation caused by the volcano of the Island of La Palma. Hence has passed to the Covid-19 pandemic and the differences in the rhythm of vaccination between the rich and the poor countries, and, finally, to the crisis of Afghanistan, to claim "the existence of solid states and with resources that can be Guarantee the well-being of citizens according to justice, progress and equality ".

It's 17 hours, 59 minutes and 52 seconds on Tuesday, September 21. That is the exact moment in which the parliamentary triquiñuela is produced. The Secretary of State for Relations with Cortes, Rafael Simancas, registers in Congress an application, to which the world has agreed, to postpone the two questions foreseen for the Vice President of Ecological Transition, Teresa Ribera, in the control session, Related to the rise of light. They were going to make theodoro García Aegea (PP) and Oskar Matute (Eh Bildu). The president of the Congress, Meritxell Batet, eliminates them from the agenda of the midst of Wednesday, since Ribera is traveling and had warned of the absence of it with a week in advance. Count all the details Juanma Lamet.

The Governse will interfere in the Freedom of Chair of Catalan University Teachers to encourage the extension of linguistic immersion beyond primary and secondary education, says Víctor Mondelo. The Council of Universities of the Generalitat, controlled by JUNTS, will force universities to send them semi-annual reports detailing the classes and the "incidents that occur in teaching language changes".

The Catalan Government promises to carry out an "exhaustive monitoring of compliance with the teaching language of universities", which will allow you to have a census of teachers who decide to use Spanish to facilitate understanding of students arriving from other communities or abroad and do not dominate the Catalan; As well as those teachers who wish to alternate both languages becoming the classrooms in an extension "of real bilingualism," they say, which prevails in Catalan society.

Íñigo Errejón narrates in a book, first person, how was the process of political, ideological and personal remoteness with Pablo Iglesias. The point of no return was March 2016. A deputy that today is in more Madrid is left open on its tablet some chats with other fellow Errejonistas of the party in which they find their strategic differences with Pablo Iglesias, then absolutely against facilitating the Investiture of Pedro Sánchez, who had an agreement with citizens.

In that chat are Sergio Pascual, then Secretary of Organization, and Errejón, number two of the purple formation. Whoever discovers these messages is taught to churches, which considers that a "attack on unity and disloyalty" is being perpetrated. "And he prepares an answer." It tells Álvaro Carvajal.

A Kilometric Row of Roofed Trucks meanders through the Tazacorte Hills, on the skirts of the volcano. They advance with the empty trailer except for a pile of drunks, as they call the plasters to the plastics that are used in the collection of the banana. When the civil guard sees the step, they spin uphill burning wheel. They have reason to go with such a hurry: Maybe this Wednesday is the last day to harvest the fruit before the tongue of fire devours its fields.

50% of GDP and 30% of the palm depend on bananas, which workers collect against clock in the area of maximum danger. "The volcano is not only going to destroy this year's production, the land will stop being fertile." A report of Gonzalo Suárez.

The lava of the Volcano Old Summit in La Palma has lost speed but progressed without brake, multiplying the havoc in its path before the impotence of the neighbors.

The lava "has slowed down but continues its inexorable path," said Angel Víctor Torres, Regional President of the Canary Islands, advising neighbors not to try anything against it and avoid maneuvers that endanger them.

Date Of Update: 23 September 2021, 08:10

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