We may want to give demonstrations in the prisons

Has asked permission to hold campaign events in the 2-D in the prisons of seville The Board of Elections is examining the feasibility of the request We ma

We may want to give demonstrations in the prisons

Has asked permission to hold campaign events in the 2-D in the prisons of seville

The Board of Elections is examining the feasibility of the request

We may want to give demonstrations in the prisons during the campaign for the upcoming regional elections in andalusia. The request, according to sources of the training, has been made formally by senator Maria Isabel Mora, current spokesman at the commissions of Justice and home affairs of the Senate, with the support of four candidates andalusian.

This request is so unusual that it would be the first time in all of the democracy that made rallies of political parties in the prisons.

accepted this proposal, moreover, would open the door to any party, and not only the list that leads Teresa Rodriguez, may choose to give meetings in correctional facilities in these elections or in the future. This aspect gains a particular relevance to the political Catalan prisoners, in case you continue to be absent when they arrive the european.

The petition, according to the same sources, now the same is pending from the issuance of the Election Board. This request was initially submitted to the General Secretariat of Penitentiary Institutions, which depends on the Ministry of the Interior. This newspaper called Correctional Institutions, where they confirmed that request has arrived and has been forwarded to the Electoral Board for it to manifest on its viability.

In principle, there is no legislation that prevents hold this type of events, beyond compliance with the appropriate security measures. In a certain way, and saving the distances, it would be comparable to the religious events of different faiths or music concerts that are already made usually in the Spanish prisons.

The petition of Mora, who is a senator designated by the Parliament of Andalusia, your specific interest in the three prisons of the province of Seville. Although this region has eight different centers that depend on the Secretariat, as a psychiatric hospital, a center of social insertion or a mothers ' unit, among others, the petition is addressed to the three prisons, the so-called Sevilla, Sevilla II and Alcalá de Guadaira.

Andalusia has a total prisoner population of approximately 11,000 people, which in principle would not be a great variation in a few election results. Of those 11,000, and according to the statistics, there are approximately 10,000 prisoners of andalusian origin, so that they would vote in these elections in 2-D.

Right of suffrage

The prisoners in Spain, except that their judgment they condemn it, are not deprived of the right to vote, as happens automatically, for example, in the united States. In the total population of the homeland there is not even a 1% that is doomed not to exercise the right of suffrage.

in Addition, the inmates remain as the polling place one in which you were registered before go to the jail, do not pass to be registered in the municipality to which belongs the prison. Your vote will occur by mail.

From the legal point of view, it is assumed that the inmates have the same right as the rest of citizens to be informed of the different options they have to choose their representatives, although it is true that traditionally the vote among the inmates barely exercised.

With this initiative, We want to publicize your program in prisons in andalusia and perhaps try to improve results by a handful of votes may tip over to one side or the other a last position among the elect. Another thing would be that they could televise those meetings or that the assistance would be open to the media.

From the Board of Elections of Andalusia, explained that the events of the campaign under the supervision of the Central Electoral Board and are often dependent on the municipalities, because they perform in public places. However, this is not the case, since prisons are not public places and their ownership is the State and not the municipalities.

According to the criteria of

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Date Of Update: 15 November 2018, 20:01

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