What can be damaged in a car after a flood

DANA: How to get out of a car submerged in water or trapped by the lluviaQué covers the insurance of the car if it is damaged after the passage of a DANA The d

What can be damaged in a car after a flood
DANA: How to get out of a car submerged in water or trapped by the lluviaQué covers the insurance of the car if it is damaged after the passage of a DANA

The damages caused in a car after a flood or remain submerged in water after a inudación may be the most diverse, starting with tears and dents to mechanical failures that dependerñan in great measure of the level reached by the water. There may also be mechanical problems caused by the enormous force of the water, you can boot up, or warp parts of the vehicle.

In the beginning, we should not worry too much if the level has come up to the half of the wheels, approximately. In this case the car may start, but it is likely that we have to replace the catalyst. If the water has not reached to enter the interior of the passenger compartment we will be out of luck . Simply, before attempting to start the engine, disassemble the exhaust line of the car to empty the water that has been allowed to enter in it and what's safer is that after the car turned on perfectly and works, according to exolican experts Autocasión.

The first thing you must do is to avoid the temptation to make the attempt to start the engine. We can put the contact for check if they work the power windows and lights , and so to ensure that the electrical installation is more or less well. In the case of work all electrical items will be an excellent signal.

If water has entered through the air intake of the engine and has reached the cylinders, you can cause problems on a rod . This fault is less likely in a petrol engine than in a diesel because it usually fails before the system is turned on, so that the engine stalls without getting to boot. If it has affected the car we would have to change the ignition system and even the entire engine.

In any case, after a flood you should perform a complete cleaning of the underside of the car, because besides the water, the vehicle is affected by the mud, which, once dry, can be my prejudicial to the mechanics if we try to put the car in motion.

This clay can be detrimental to the brakes, bearings and transmission, and can unbalance the wheels.

If the water reaches a height higher, this mud can get to blind the radiator. If this happens, the engine could overheat. The solution is to clean out the radiator.

If it gets water on the inside of the car will have to change the upholstery, trim and control knobs, as well as all the insulation and fixings that carry these items.

If you also clog up the drains internal of the body the water to oxidise the metal sheet and the electrical connections can be affected, as they are prepared to withstand some moisture , but not to exceed a dive. Although these connections do not fail once dry, you could generate a layer of oxide which eventually will produce electronic issues.

If the water has exceeded half of the height of the car should not try to put it in place. The mechanics will be able to try to save the propellant, for which will adesmontarlo to dry and remove the mud . In models more than 10 years, you may also enter water in the box of change by the vents that you have, so you will have to disassemble it and clean it.

If the water has covered the car completely, the situation may be irreversible, because the water and the mud will come to every small corner of the same. In the event that the vehicle has been completely submerged up to the roof, unless the water was absolutely crystal clear (something very unlikely because floods tend to drag mud and sewage) and what we could begin to repair in a few hours, the odds of being able to return to the life of the vehicle are practically nil.

Should be to remove it completely to dry and clean each of the parts, in addition to replacing other. The repair could have a higher cost to the new vehicle.

Date Of Update: 13 September 2019, 23:01

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