A $50,000 reward offered in Investigation of 12-year-old swept off by rogue wave in California

A Huge research has comprised ships, choppers and fixed-wing airplanes

A $50,000 reward offered in Investigation of 12-year-old swept off by rogue wave in California

A 12-year-old was hauled into the sea with a rogue wave at the San Francisco bay region Monday, along with his family is currently providing a $50,000 reward for finding him.

Nearly $200,000 was increased to aid in the hunt for Arunay Pruthi, that had been last seen by his dad as well as his 8-year-old brother roughly 100 yards offshore near Cowell Ranch State Beach in Half Moon Bay.

The family members and a huge group of volunteers are utilizing resources at their disposal to attempt and locate Pruthi.

"We've got countless volunteer beachcombers covering shores out of half moon bay to Santa Cruz, boats covering the shore, drones covering the places that are tough to get from property, choppers and fixed-wing airplanes covering from skies. In addition, we have access to a satellite pictures, and a high number of volunteers poring over drone footage along with chopper footage"

Over 64,000 people have signed up a request for the Coast Guard to resume its own search.

Considering that the fantastic weather forecast for Saturday, the research team could use divers to look for the place where he had been last seen.

A group of volunteers on property are also from the Half Moon Bay region Saturday moving south.

"We are extremely grateful to all you who are pursuing our attempts, and supplying us words of encouragement & hope," Dassarma composed in the latest upgrade. "This is a remarkably hard period for lots of us near the household, along with the outpouring of hope & love is keeping us moving."

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