Agnes Chow plans Remainder after'Debilitating' prison term

Activist Agnes Chow took to societal websites to provide her very first message to the general public on her release from prison, saying she had to rest following a"debilitating" six months .

Agnes Chow plans Remainder after'Debilitating' prison term

On her Instagram accounts, Chow submitted a plain, black picture with a message stating she'd grown physically helpless throughout her time behind bars and she had to regain.

She thanked buddies who came out from the rain to greet her on her release in Tai Lam Correctional Institution at Tuen Mun on Saturday morning.

"The next step is to take some fantastic rest and look after my own body, as my body has come to be too weak and slender in that interval (wry smile)."

From Saturday night, the article had received over 100,000"enjoys" on the site. She had been released on grounds of good behavior

Fellow activists Ivan Lam and Joshua Wong were detained for seven weeks and thirteen and a half a year on precisely the exact same case.

Separately, Chow was detained last year on suspicion of colluding with overseas forces under the federal security legislation, but she hasn't yet been charged.

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