At Washington, D.C., hospital, man killed by fellow patient

According to police, the men were taken to Saint Elizabeths Hospital by officers for a psychiatric evaluation.

At Washington, D.C., hospital, man killed by fellow patient

Officials have confirmed that a man died after a fight at a Washington, D.C. psychiatric hospital.

D.C. Department of Behavioral Health confirmed that a patient died in a fight on Wednesday morning.

Saint Elizabeths Hospital, a Washington, D.C., public psychiatric hospital, is "committed in a safe, therapeutic atmosphere for individuals with severe mental illness who require inpatient treatment to recuperate," DC DBH wrote.

"St. Elizabeths will perform an internal investigation as per our protocol to verify that all safety procedures have been followed." They wrote that they were providing emotional support for patients and staff.

NBC Washington reported the victim was discovered during a routine check. Both the victim and suspect were both at Saint Elizabeths for court-ordered psychiatric evaluations.

DC Metropolitan Police didn't immediately respond to NBC News's request for comment regarding the victim's information.

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