Bavaria: 1. FC Nuremberg complains about early failures: draw at Regensburg


Bavaria: 1. FC Nuremberg complains about early failures: draw at Regensburg

1. FC Nürnberg fears a long absence from Tim Handwerker. The left-back probably suffered a cruciate ligament injury early on at Jahn Regensburg. Both teams hardly take the last risk in the duel later.

Regensburg (dpa / lby) - The two coaches Robert Klauß and Mersad Selimbegovic could live with the goalless draw. 1. FC Nürnberg even took the first points from the top starters of SSV Jahn Regensburg in the 2nd Bundesliga. Despite early bad luck with injuries, the Franconians fought for a goalless draw against the still undefeated Oberpfälzer.

In what was at times a heated duel in the stadium, which was sold out with 15,210 spectators, the Regensburg team again kept a clean sheet and were at the top of the table for the time being. "It was a balanced game in which no one wanted to take risks," said Regensburg coach Selimbegovic.

The "Club" is in the middle of the table after the third matchday. "It's important that we have compactness and stability on the defensive," said Klauss, praising the work of his Nuremberg back line.

The FCN coach had to do without captain Christopher Schindler due to a muscle injury, and new signing James Lawrence made a promising debut for him. Mats Möller Daehli was also injured during the warm-up and dropped out for a short time. The Norwegian midfielder suddenly complained of muscular pain, as Klauss reported.

The Nuremberg bad luck continued: Shortly after the kick-off, Tim Handwerker had to be substituted prematurely in the seventh minute with his left knee heavily bandaged and supported by two coaches. "It doesn't look good," Klauss said. A cruciate ligament injury is suspected. Craftsmen will now be examined in detail.

Nuremberg put on constant pressure at the beginning and also had the first chances. The Regensburgers made many bad passes and were only able to free themselves after a good 20 minutes. Andreas Albers (26') had their best opportunity, shooting goalkeeper Christian Mathenia free-standing from just a few yards out.

Chances after the change were scarce in this tactical game. The defensive ranks were tight, patience was required. Albers (81') almost made the decision late in the game, which was repeatedly interrupted by fouls.

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