Bernie Madoff, Ponzi Schemer, Found Dead His Sister

BOYNTON BEACH (Fla.) -- According to reports, Bernie Madoff's sister and husband were killed in an apparent Florida murder-suicide.

Bernie Madoff, Ponzi Schemer, Found Dead His Sister

On Sunday, the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office identified the couple as Sondra Wiener (87), of Boynton Beach, and Marvin (90). Their home was the scene of their shooting wounds, and they were unresponsive.

"Detectives from Violent Crimes Division arrived at the scene to investigate further. The Sheriff's Office stated that the incident was a murder/suicide after further investigation.

Officials stated that the Medical Examiner's Office will determine the cause of death.

A woman identifying herself as the wife David Wiener requested privacy during her "time of grief."

She was reached by telephone and said that she did not have any comment.

Madoff is well-known for his massive Ponzi scheme, which wiped out fortunes and decimated charities. After pleading guilty to fraud and other charges in 2009, Madoff was sentenced to 150 year imprisonment. He died in prison at the age of 82 in last year's death.

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