Boris Johnson: Robert Buckland, Welsh Secretary, was appointed as PM because of the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, who replaced Simon Hart as South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland, has appointed Robert Buckland his Welsh secretary.

Boris Johnson: Robert Buckland, Welsh Secretary, was appointed as PM because of the resignation of Prime Minister Boris Johnson

Boris Johnson, who replaced Simon Hart as South Swindon MP Sir Robert Buckland, has appointed Robert Buckland his Welsh secretary.

Ione Wells, BBC political correspondent, stated that no Conservative MP in Welsh seats was willing to accept the job.

Sir Robert stated that he accepted the job only because Mr Johnson had resigned from his position as Conservative leader.

Jo Stevens, Labour's shadow Welsh secretary, called Johnson's decision to allow him to serve in the government of Mr Johnson "utterly amazing".

Hart resigned as prime minister, claiming it was impossible to "turn around the ship".

Llanelli-born Sir Robert served as justice secretary between July 2019 and September 2021, before being fired by Mr Johnson during a reshuffle.

On Thursday morning, Mr Johnson quickly filled the vacant cabinet posts before confirming that he was resigning from his position as leader of the Conservative Party.

The current ministers will continue to be in place until a new Conservative leader or prime minister is elected.

Sir Robert stated that he would not have served in the Johnson cabinet yesterday because he had no intention to resign at the time.

BBC Radio 4's World at One reported that he had "made that very clear both to the chief whip [Boris Johnson]".

"Because that had been changed, because he had stated he was resigning," I felt then that I could return and help the country.

Jo Stevens, Cardiff Central MP, said: "I don't think anyone who yesterday said they were not ready to have Boris Johnson lead their party and that they weren’t willing to serve as his leader, and they weren’t willing to serve as his minister, but who today has offered to serve as a member or a front bench member in his government? I think it will be utterly amazing.

"How do you change your mind if you are still being led by the same person who you said was unfit to leave the nation?"

Sir Robert stated that he was a proud Unionist and it was an honor to be the Welsh secretary, as I want to protect our United Kingdom.

He stated that he wanted "to make sure that the Welsh [Wales] Office's work continues".

"I am proud to be a Welshman. I have many connections in Wales. I was born, raised, and worked in Wales for many years.

"I believe there is a lot happening with regards to the Levelling Up or the Shared Prosperity funds that are about to launch. I will make sure everything runs as it should. That work must continue now.

"This is about people’s lives and the opportunities in Wales."

Sir Robert spoke later to BBC Wales Today and said that he had "extensive experience in governmental affairs of Wales" as solicitor General and then lord-chancellor "dealing with the justice systems in Wales".

Sir Robert replied, "His political authority has been done."

"He's taken the decision and has now accepted it. He's resigned as the leader of Conservative Party.

"But the country still requires a government, and the prime minister will be there until his successor is elected.

"It is now our responsibility to care for the government's work."

Last week, Sir Robert wrote in Law Gazette that he was a backbencher and had made plans to return to work as a barrister as well as unpaid academic writing on artificial intelligence in courts.

Whitehall departments require ministers who are able to quickly take over after wave upon wave de resignations.

Robert Buckland, the new Welsh Secretary - the sixth Conservative to hold the job since 2010, will quickly learn his duties.

He is Welsh, although he does not represent a Welsh seat. His experience as a justice minister should give him an advantage.

He was born in Llanelli, 1968. He attended St Michael's private school in the same town.

After attending Durham University, Sir Robert returned home to Wales to pursue a career in law. He was a Cardiff-based barrister who practiced criminal law.

He married Sian in 1997. Sian was a student at the university. They have twins, Millicent and George, and they live in Wroughton near Swindon.

Sir Robert was elected to parliament in 2010. He won the South Swindon seat after unsuccessfully running in previous elections.

He was the solicitor general of England and Wales under David Cameron, which marked the beginning of a seven year stint in government.

Boris Johnson appointed him secretary of state for justice and lord chancellor in July 2019.

He wasn't the only Llanelli lawyer to become politician: Elwyn Jones, Labour's 1970s occupant of the old office.

Sir Robert said to BBC Wales that being the second Llanelli boy who is lord chancellor was quite an honor in 2021.

In the September 2021 reshuffle, he was fired and was replaced by Dominic Rabb.

As Mr Johnson attempts to ensure that the UK government continues to govern, he is now back in the cabinet.

His expertise in overseeing the criminal justice process might be a benefit.

The Welsh government wants law and order powers to be devolved into Cardiff. However, the Johnson government insists that this won't happen.

Devolution means that a lot of time spent by the Welsh secretary is used to talk to or about the Welsh government.

While disagreements and spats are not new, things have become tetchy lately despite Simon Hart, Sir Robert's predecessor, telling us that he was able to get along with Mark Drakeford, his ministers, and other people.

The latest flashpoint is the threat from the UK government to repeal a Welsh trade union law.

When I asked a Welsh minister about the changes in relationships with Westminster after Boris Johnson's takeover from Theresa May, he said that it was "remarkably different" and "much worse".

Let's see how Sir Robert can help.

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