Edward Meenan: Three men are jailed for the death of father-of-nine

Three men were arrested in connection to the murder of a father-of-9 in Londonderry.

Edward Meenan: Three men are jailed for the death of father-of-nine

Three men were arrested in connection to the murder of a father-of-9 in Londonderry.

In November 2018, Edward Meenan's body was discovered in Creggan Street. Multiple injuries were sustained by the 51-year old, including 52 stab wounds.

For the murder of Mr Meenan, Sean Rodgers, 34 years old, was sentenced to minimum 18 years.

Derek Creswell (30), of Kings Lane, Ballykelly will also be sentenced to 15 years for his murder.

Ryan Walters (23 years old) from Station Park, Crossgar, County Down will spend four years in prison, and four years on a licence for manslaughter.

Sinead White (38), of St Brecan's Park, Derry, was sentenced to three-year probation and admitted to a charge for withholding information.

Nancy Meenan, Edward Meenan's mother, told BBC News NI she doesn't hate the people who murdered her son because it would do her more harm than them.

She said, "I will never be the same again. I am crying every single day and so many things reminds me of him."

He had his little flat, but he spent most time with me. He was very kind and good-natured.

She claimed that her son was brutally taken from her, and she said that it was difficult for her to accept the way he was killed.

She said, "I don’t know how anyone could do this, they were animals to me."

"I should hate them, but I don’t. It would cause me more harm than they."

Judge McColgan described Mr Meenan's attack as "sustained, brutal" at Tuesday's sentencing hearing.

She described the injuries sustained by Mr Meenan in the course of the proceedings.

She stated that the blood in her lungs indicated that many of the stab wounds were caused by Mr Meenan's death or imminent death.

Rodgers was convicted of inflicting the stab wounds. The judge stated that Rodgers' clothes were stained with blood, but that they had never been forensically examined because he burned them.

Judge McColgan stated that she received a victim impact statement primarily written by Mr Meenan’s mother.

It stated that Mrs Meenan was "grief-stricken, devastated, and heartbroken" after her son's tragic death.

She claimed that she was forced to leave her 40-year-old home due to its close proximity to the crime scene.

After all four of them were sentenced, Natasha Duddy, Mrs Meenan's niece, said outside that "No amount" will ever bring Eddie back.

"It doesn’t matter if they get 20 or 18 years. It will never bring them back."

"They can return home at the end the day to see their families. Eddie will never be seen again."

Det Ch Insp John Caldwell stated that Mr Meenan had "lost his own life in the most cruel, sickening, and tragic way."

"Losing a loved person is never easy, but for Edward Meenan's family and friends to lose their loved ones in such a brutal and degrading manner, which showed complete disregard for human life is heartbreaking.

"I hope Edward Meenan's killers will be sentenced to some sort of closure and sense of justice.

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