Football/French team. Tchouameni, Real Madrid to be essential

Its path is both linear and dazzling.

Football/French team. Tchouameni, Real Madrid to be essential

Its path is both linear and dazzling. Aurelien Tchouameni, a precocious talent, was purchased from Bordeaux in January 2020 by Monaco for 20 million euros. He then signed a contract with Real Madrid until June 2028, the reigning European champion club. At midday Saturday, the two clubs announced that they had reached an agreement to transfer the player. This must be done on Tuesday after the player has undergone a medical examination.

Tchouameni must present in stride (12h), to the club champion of Europe or Spain. Monaco makes a significant capital gain, with a transfer of 80 million euros and 20 bonuses. Bordeaux would receive 10% of the capital gain (6 million euros, excluding bonuses).

Tchouameni chose Madrid because he felt strong enough and ready to fulfill his deep ambitions. He wants to be a starter for a big European player to also be in Blue. This will allow him to compete for the most prestigious trophies.

Didier Deschamps is particularly proud of the strong personality and profile of the man he began on September 1st. "He wasn't affected by the emotional aspect," said Didier Deschamps. He was seduced by his youth, his confidence and his potential as a coach, and the "what he does on the ground". Tchouameni has since compiled 11 selections (1 Goal).

Tchouameni is always attentive and respectful to the group's values. He naturally appreciates them as well as how they are respected. He grew closer to Paul Pogba during his first selections and did not hesitate calling Patrick Vieira, an ex-Nice coach to get advice. Before his first gathering.

Philippe Clement, one of his last coaches in Monaco, described Niko Kovac's opinion as "he is like an sponge". He takes in advice and integrates it quickly. Kovac explained that Aurelien is extremely intelligent in October. He knows how. He is aware that everyone is focusing on him. He is very mature and strong in his head.

Because the player has "high aspirations". He said, "I have always been demanding of myself," just before his double in Lille. When I talk with my coach, or my father about the things that need to be improved, we both take stock. He admits that "marking is so" a margin for me to make progress, as an example.

Tchouameni has set a goal. He said, "The World Cup was an important personal goal." It will be a fair reward for all my efforts. It is a result of good performances and the achievement of goals in the club. Madrid will have a high level of competition, so he will need to assert himself. "When you are up there, it is important to learn how to remain humble. Kovac was confident in his success and said that he is.

He is also a master at showing his muscles. After scoring against the Czech team in Prague last August in a preliminary round C1, he was insulted. He then called on UEFA to condemn the racist comments he received. It is difficult to act against racism. He continues to support this cause. Through a common sponsor, he met Colin Kaepernick, an American football player. He was there during the 2016 presidential election in the United States. To protest against racism and police brutality against minorities,

Madrid sees Tchouameni as a man not only gifted but also committed to his time.