Idaho mass stabbing suspect Timmy Kinner pleads guilty to murder of girl, 3

Idaho mass stabbing suspect Timmy Kinner pleads guilty to murder of girl, 3

Kinner was arrested in 2018 after he attacked nine people during a birthday party

Timmy Kinner, a defendant accused of killing a little woman, 3, in her birthday party, and wounding eight others throughout a traumatic rampage at Boise, Idaho, almost three decades back, has pleaded guilty to several crimes, including first-degree murder.

The pleas were entered as a member of a stipulated plea arrangement, court records showed.

Kinner was arrested in 2018, accused of attacking nine individuals during the birthday party of Ruya Kadir in a Boise apartment complex. Ruya died from her injuries and eight other people, including five children, were injured during the assault.

On Tuesday, Anmar Lafta, who's related to some of the stabbing victims,'' stated he desires Kinner sentenced to death, according to the Idaho Statesman. But it was unclear if his plea agreement will keep that option available.

"What he did to children, to the household, he broke relatives and he murdered children. Those people should head to death without even Considering it," Lafta said." ... They're not adults, they hadn't seen life however. They ran away from war to come here, and look what happened to them."

Kinner was ruled incompetent to stand trial for several months following his arrest. Attorneys for Kinner argued he suffered from"mental conditions" which impaired his decision-making skills and the capability for them to shield him, Boise's KTVB-TV reported. Despite those arguments, he was declared mentally fit to stand trial in October 2019.

His next court appearance is going to be for his sentencing scheduled for June 10.

He was living at the apartment complex where the rampage happened and was reportedly asked to leave from the resident he was staying with a week prior to the incident. Police have said Kinner didn't know some of the victims, a lot of whom were refugees who escaped violence in their home countries before coming into Idaho.

The brother of Mustafa Mutlak, whose wife and two children were hurt in the attack, said that his family was"relieved" after Kinner pleaded guilty.

"We just want everybody to be secure, since the offenses he did against children are dreadful," Alex Mutlak told the newspaper. "That was frightful to see a grown man assaulting children at a birthday celebration. We just wish that justice will take place and we pray for his spirit to be forgiven by God... We invite the city and the police department and the justice system because they made us feel more safe at home after the accidents."

Kinner's plea bargain will stop a possibly lengthy and difficult trial for those victims, based on Julianne Donnelly Tzul, executive director of the International Rescue Committee in Boise.

"Our equitable care goes to those who were affected, and our appreciation belongs into the Boise community that wrapped services and support across our Wylie neighbors within an exceedingly tough time," Tzul explained. "We, in the IRC at Boise, are grateful that the households that survived the Wylie mass traumatic assault will probably be spared the experience of reliving the incident with a lengthy trial. We thank the city for respecting the privacy of the affected families."

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