Justice. Kevin Spacey is charged with sexual assault.

Kevin Spacey will be appearing in London's court after the United States.

Justice. Kevin Spacey is charged with sexual assault.

Kevin Spacey will be appearing in London's court after the United States. The actor from the United States will be in London on Thursday. Four sexual assaults against three men occurred between March 2005 to April 2013. The House of Cards star is currently being investigated. He was also the artistic director of a London theater at that time.

The Metropolitan Police stated that Kevin Spacey (62), was indicted on Monday. He will appear in court at Westminster Magistrates Court at 10 a.m. (11:15 French time).

The British prosecution approved these charges at the end of May. Kevin Spacey said that he was "disappointed" and announced his intention to appear before British justice. In a statement to ABC's Good Morning America, Spacey stated that he would defend himself against the charges and was certain of his innocence.

Two indictments were filed against the plaintiff for sexual assault committed in March 2005 in London. A second victim, also charged with sexual assault, was indicted by the same plaintiff in March 2005. He is accused of forcing him to engage in sexual activity. Kevin Spacey was charged with fourth-degree sexual assault against a third victim in April 2013, in Gloucestershire (in south-west England).

London police stated that the complainants are in their 40s and 30s. Scotland Yard opened an investigation following complaints of sexual assaults against the actor. Some of these alleged attacks were committed in London's Lambeth district, where the Old Vic theatre is located. These allegations were made in the wake the Harvey Weinstein scandal.

In the United States, Kevin Spacey was also the subject of investigations. Indecent assault and sexual abuse were the charges he was facing in Massachusetts, but he was dropped from the court in July 2019. After making the victim drink, he was charged with having indecent assault and sexual assault in Massachusetts in July 2016.

According to US court records, he appeared before an American judge in New York for a procedural hearing. He was being sued by actor Anthony Rapp. Anthony Rapp had accused Kevin Spacey, claiming that he made sexual advances to him as a teenager. Kevin Spacey refuted this accusation and the case was dismissed in criminal proceedings.

Two-time Oscar winner for American Beauty and Usual Suspects, he has suffered serious damage to his career and reputation. Netflix had already landed him from House of Cards, where he was the main character.

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