Los Angeles police officer Pencils letter to LeBron James Asking sitdown to talk about policing

Los Angeles police officer Pencils letter to LeBron James Asking sitdown to talk about policing

A Black Los Angeles police officer who's been employed in the town's Skid Row place for 2 years encouraged LeBron James to have a conversation about policing after a much-criticized tweet in the Lakers celebrity linked to the deadly police shooting of a teenaged girl.

Deon Joseph, a 24-year veteran of the LAPD, published a letter into his FB page Sunday addressed James where he predicted his position on policing"off bottom and intense."

James has regularly spoken out against racism and police misconduct in the past couple of decades.

He came under fire after tweeting a picture of a Columbus, Ohio police officer after the shooting of Ma'Khia Bryant, who had been captured by an officer since she had been attacking an adolescent using a knife.

The shooting incident happened minutes prior to a Minneapolis jury convicted Derek Chauvin at the passing of George Floyd.

He afterwards deleted the article, saying that it had been used to"produce more hatred."

"Your tweet that targeted a police officer in Ohio who rescued a young girl's life was reckless and upsetting," Joseph wrote. "It revealed a complete lack of comprehension of this challenge of our occupation at the heat of a minute. You basically set a goal on the back of a human being who needed to earn a split second choice to conserve a life from a fatal attack"

"Rather than apologizing, you distracted," he added. "You took down your tweet as you didn't need it to be utilized for hatred, once the tweet itself was the embodiment of hatred, suspended in a lack of comprehension of this threat of this circumstance."

Joseph confessed that, like James, he is tired of Black folks dying and hates racism and police brutality.

"But you can't paint 800,000 people who are of all races, faiths, sexual orientations and therefore are also moms, dads, sons, daughters, preachers, trainers, community members and only person with such a wide and damaging brush," he explained.

"Unlike many who've dug their heals from the belief that authorities are inherently bad, I believe if you actually sat down and had a true frank and open dialogue with a cop, then there's a strong possibility you will discover we're not the monsters you've come to think we are, who deserve the hatred and distain you've," Joseph continued.

He explained that police officials and communities have to come together to"build bridges to save lives on all sides"

"The deal is on the dining table Lebron. No cameras. "two guys who care speaking. I know that it's a very long shot. However, this branch and hatred has to cease."

The region is the epicenter of the area's homelessness crisis and can be plagued by child encampments, crime and drug usage.

"A hard-working police officer and his family are dedicated to a life devoted to support, but have failed their home in the procedure," HGTV stated on its site. "To return, this normal ranch house has been renovated to a modern shore resort-like escape"

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