Perfect support: large sizes: the most important criteria for a well-fitting sports bra

The female breast consists of glands, fat and connective tissue.

Perfect support: large sizes: the most important criteria for a well-fitting sports bra

The female breast consists of glands, fat and connective tissue. The latter is particularly sensitive and can tear or wear out if subjected to excessive stress - visible cracks on the skin are the result. These so-called stretch marks are a nightmare for many women because the process cannot be reversed naturally. It is all the more important to wear a well-fitting bra, not only in everyday life, but also during sports. This applies to all women, regardless of their cup size. Because even if, in fact, larger breasts are more frequently affected by stretch marks, women with small breasts can suffer from weak connective tissue. What you should consider when buying a sports bra and what advantages it offers you (and your breasts) over conventional brassieres is explained below.

While a regular bra supports your breasts, the strain on breast tissue is still 62 percent. A sports bra, on the other hand, can reduce the load to a quarter. This is a great advantage, especially for women with a large bust, in order to protect their breasts from permanent stretching and irreversible lowering. Which is by no means to say that women with small cups don't have to worry about their connective tissue - their breasts are also strained during sport. Other benefits of a good sports bra include:

Depending on the manufacturer and model, a sports bra can reduce the movement of the breast by up to 70 percent.

A well-fitting sports bra is designed to completely enclose your breasts, giving them optimal support.

The straps are extra wide to evenly distribute the weight of your breasts and relieve your shoulders.

The material absorbs sweat from your breasts and wicks it away, making it more comfortable to wear.

For optimal support, a sports bra must first and foremost fit well, which is made possible by the high support strength of the material. Most manufacturers use a mixture of different microfibers because they are breathable, elastic and strong - such as polyamide and elastane. In any case, when buying, make sure that the sports bra does not contain any cotton, as it stores moisture and does not dry quickly. The elastic band under the breasts is also a quality feature: normally it should pull back after wearing or stretching so as not to wear out. The straps, on the other hand, not only have to be wide but also adjustable so that you can adjust the bra to your breast size. And last but not least, the price is (unfortunately) an indication of the high quality. Expensive models are better processed in terms of their seams and the materials used.

The larger a woman's breasts are, the more weight is on her shoulders. While you don't need to hide your curves, wearing a bra is essential. Especially if you already wear a large size in everyday life, it is essential for sports. It doesn't matter how big your bust size is - here too there is a large selection of high-quality sports bras for plus sizes. When buying or trying on, however, you should consider the following criteria:

A sports bra costs significantly more than a normal brassiere that you wear every day. The complex processing in combination with breathable materials costs many manufacturers a lot - so you should make sure not to use chlorine-based detergents or fabric softeners when cleaning. Otherwise, the expensive sports bra will lose elasticity. In the worst case, it even changes its original shape, which you need for optimal support during sports. You can wash the brassiere by hand, alternatively it can be machine washed at up to 30 degrees.

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