"Permanent tingling in the stomach": Claudia Obert presents 24-year-old friend

He calls her "Spicy Signorina".

"Permanent tingling in the stomach": Claudia Obert presents 24-year-old friend

He calls her "Spicy Signorina". She says to him "Monaco boy". In other words: there is a lot of fire in this relationship. The fashion entrepreneur Claudia Obert, known from numerous reality TV shows, seems to be in love with Max, who is 36 years younger.

From "Celebrity Big Brother" to "Celebrities under the Palm Trees" to "Battle of the Reality Stars" - Claudia Obert has felt that she has hardly missed a reality TV format in recent years. The fashion entrepreneur not only regularly attracted attention with her fondness for alcohol. Even with her pronounced libido, the now 60-year-old did not hide behind the mountain.

Now Obert really seems to have sparked again. In any case, she doesn't shy away from introducing 24-year-old Max as her new boyfriend. "We are both totally in love, I have a permanent tingling in my stomach!" Chatted the entrepreneur in the "Bild" newspaper from the sewing box.

She didn't get to know the web designer in front of the cameras or in some TV container, but in the "Olivia Jones Bar" in Hamburg's St. Pauli district. "A friend says, 'Look, that guy keeps staring at you.' Suddenly he came over, within minutes we kissed," Obert describes the moment of getting to know each other and admits: "I would never have thought of talking to a boy like that."

The age difference doesn't matter to her, says Obert. "If it bangs, then it bangs!" In addition, Max works hard for his queen of hearts. "He is now redesigning my website for me and has also worked as a waitress in my shop and served champagne to my customers, who were all very enthusiastic," says Obert.

Would you like even more intimate insights? "He calls me 'Spicy Signorina', I call him 'Monaco-Boy'," reveals Obert to make matters worse in the "Bild" interview. Yes, rrr! That really sounds like a fiery affair. Then all that remains is to wish the two lovebirds all the best for their future together.

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