Podemos politics disturbs the unity exhibited by Sánchez-Díaz and stirs up their differences

The momentum of the electoral ticket of Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz in the motion of no confidence has come up against the first internal disturbances

Podemos politics disturbs the unity exhibited by Sánchez-Díaz and stirs up their differences

The momentum of the electoral ticket of Pedro Sánchez and Yolanda Díaz in the motion of no confidence has come up against the first internal disturbances. In less than 24 hours, Podemos has watered down the unity and harmony exhibited yesterday by the president and the second vice president, stirring up the differences and points of friction that, for a few days, seemed to be left behind.

The Minister for Equality, Irene Montero, has warned the PSOE that speeches are one thing and actions are another, and she has urged it to "turn" now is to "go from words to deeds" and show that the Government progressive and the majority of the investiture are "strong".

To do so, the leader of Podemos has set homework. He has demanded that the PSOE "let go of the hand of the PP" in the reform of the law that only yes is yes, resurrecting for public debate the issue that has generated the most tension within the Executive and that put the continuity of the coalition on the ropes for the belligerence of Podemos against the partner, which angered, and a lot, the socialist ministers after being branded as "fascists" and "traitors to feminism" by the purple ones.

In addition, the Minister for Equality has pressured the PSOE to unlock "at once" the Housing Law, pending in Congress, and the Family Law, still pending approval by the Council of Ministers.

In statements in the halls of Congress, Montero has stressed that the right "says that the feminist, progressive and plurinational investiture majority must be broken" and what the Executive has to respond is to "reinforce" that "to face the coming years ". And that, she has pointed out, is done with the law of only yes is yes and the Housing and Families laws.

On the other hand, Montero has shown the coldness with which Podemos accepted Yolanda Díaz's speech yesterday and the staging she did, and which was interpreted as the launch of her candidacy with Sumar. Faced with the catalog of praise displayed by the IU, the commons and by external forces such as Más Madrid, Podemos avoided flattery yesterday. And this Wednesday Montero has not done so either, who has chosen to say that "both the vice president and the president defended the task well" that the Government is doing.

And it is that, in the background is the pulse that Podemos and Díaz maintain for how their electoral confluence for the general elections is reflected. This has been pointed out by Montero, who has pointed out that the purple party demands a prior and bilateral pact before attending the presentation ceremony of Díaz's candidacy, which will take place on April 2 in Madrid.

"The party that Yolanda is setting up with the Communist Party and Más Madrid is different from Podemos but we want to go to the elections together and for that what we need is an agreement and primaries that allow us to come together and go to those elections to continue governing with more and more strength", he said, presenting Más Madrid and the PCE as part of Sumar and not as differentiated political subjects.

In the act of Díaz on April 2, the presence of prominent figures of Podemos is not expected if there is no pact beforehand. If there are no certainties of having a leading role. On the other hand, confirmations in other parties are beginning to appear, such as En Comú Podem. The mayoress of Barcelona, ​​Ada Colau, has announced that she will be covering Díaz that day.

"From Barcelona we will strongly join a project that claims diversity and joy in the face of hate speech. That defends putting people at the center and together conquering a horizon of hope where no one is left behind and where no person feels alone in the face of difficulties. Those who do not want anything to change, want us alone, depressed and confronted. Well, they will find us together, happy and determined to conquer a better future. With you Yolanda Díaz, always forward", has written the leader of the commons .

Similarly, yesterday the leader of Más Madrid, Mónica García, and the candidate of this party for the Mayor of Madrid, Rita Maestre, said the same thing. For its part, Izquierda Unida has not yet revealed the names but, consulted by this newspaper, indicates that it "will turn its back." So one would expect the presence of its top leaders. The Chunta Aragonesista and Alianza Verde will also go.

"I want Podemos to be at that event, there is no reason why it cannot be, it is an important force in this country," Díaz responded today when asked in an interview on RNE collected by Europa Press. "She has to explain the general secretary of Podemos what is the decision she makes," she said.

Díaz has regretted having been chosen vice president "by hand" by Pablo Iglesias and has defended that "never" has there been a fight for an electoral list. She has indicated that she is proud to be vice president of the Government, although she has said that this choice by her predecessor in office and former leader of Podemos has cost her. "They have designated me by hand, I accepted it and it has weighed me down," Díaz has declared, that she has considered that, despite this, that is not her way of acting.

Regarding the holding of primaries that Podemos demands in order to reach a coalition agreement with Sumar, he has defended that the political leadership should be chosen by the citizens. "Have no doubt that Sumar's candidacies will be decided democratically by the citizens", he has transferred, before rejecting that this point, that of the primaries, is the "obstacle" that stops the agreement with Podemos.

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