Police say that a suspect in the stabbing of NYC museum workers was arrested in Philadelphia following a hotel fire.

Police have announced that Gary Cabana (60) will be charged with the double stabbing attack at the Museum of Modern Art if he is extradited from New York.

Police say that a suspect in the stabbing of NYC museum workers was arrested in Philadelphia following a hotel fire.

Officials said that a man was arrested Tuesday in Philadelphia for allegedly setting a fire at a hotel and then stabbed two employees of New York City’s Museum of Modern Art .

Police said that Gary Cabana (60-year-old man who lives in Midtown Manhattan) will be charged in the double stabbing incident when he is extradited from New York.

According to John Miller, the deputy commissioner of intelligence and counterterrorism at the New York Police Department, the stabbings took place around 4:15 p.m. on Saturday. The suspect entered the museum's reception area with the apparent intent of looking for a movie.

Miller stated that Cabana was denied membership because he was not active due to recent disorderly conduct incidents. He then jumped over the reception desk and stabbed two MOMA employees repeatedly.

According to police, the victims were taken to hospital and are expected to survive.

Police and the Philadelphia Fire Department were summoned to a Best Western on Monday night for a fire in a room. They determined that it was arson. Investigators were able to see video surveillance and determine that Cabana was the one who started the fire, according to Scott Small, Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector.

Senior law enforcement officials stated that Cabana was reported by a front desk worker as having used his middle and last names, but the worker recognized Cabana as the one being sought.

According to Small, Cabana was found later asleep on a bench next to a Greyhound terminal. He refused to resist arrest.

"I'm the man you're looking to find. According to NBC New York, Cabana said that he had a bad day and told Philadelphia police.

According to James Essig, Chief of Detectives at NYPD, the Secret Service was also involved with Cabana's investigation into threats he made against former President Donald Trump.

In connection to the alleged arson, he will be charged in Philadelphia Small stated that investigators are looking into whether he has any connection to Philadelphia.

A MoMA representative stated that the museum would reopen on Tuesday.

The representative stated that they look forward to welcoming our members and visitors back. "We are relieved and grateful to our colleagues for their recovery, and that the attacker was captured."


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