Saxony-Anhalt: Numerous districts and cities have no heat concepts

The temperatures in Saxony-Anhalt are currently moderate.

Saxony-Anhalt: Numerous districts and cities have no heat concepts

The temperatures in Saxony-Anhalt are currently moderate. But the next heat wave is bound to come. What protective measures will then take effect in the municipalities?

Magdeburg (dpa/sa) - The burden on the population from high temperatures is also high in Saxony-Anhalt. But who can schools or nursing homes contact in the municipalities about heat protection? Numerous districts and cities do not have any special officers for this, according to a survey by the German Press Agency. Concrete concepts, for example for protective measures at particularly high temperatures, are often not available and remain a matter for the institutions.

In the city of Dessau-Roßlau, for example, there is neither a special heat protection concept nor a separate heat protection officer, as a spokeswoman said. There is currently no concept in the district of Wittenberg either. The country has announced a coordination center for this, said a spokesman. "When she has started her work, then we will go together," it said.

In some cases, the topic is located in larger departments. In Jerichower Land, issues related to climate change are dealt with by the Environment Department or by Building and Property Management. There has been a climate protection manager there since this year. The respective sponsors are responsible for providing heat protection for schools and nursing homes.

In the Harz district, too, various offices have heat protection in mind. All facilities could contact the health department with questions, according to a spokesman. When renovating the school building, the district "of course" pays attention to heat insulation. In the district of Stendal, too, the health supervisory authority draws attention to the topic of heat protection in every construction and conversion process of premises, explained a spokeswoman. However, there are currently no heat protection concepts.

As part of routine hygiene checks, the health department also checks the existence of heat plans in community facilities and also advises on this, the Saalekreis said. As a result, it is known that there are protection concepts in various facilities.

The city administration in Halle is currently developing a so-called heat action plan. According to a spokesman for the city, the Health Department is currently available as an advisory institution for all those seeking help and those making inquiries. So far, however, there has been no demand for advice. There is no heat protection officer in Halle either. In the state capital of Magdeburg there has been a so-called climate adaptation concept. That already forms the basis for action in the heat, according to a spokeswoman. However, there are no plans to develop an all-encompassing heat protection concept due to a lack of financial and human resources.

The municipalities appeal to the population to be careful. In high heat, physical activities or unnecessary time outdoors should be avoided, people should drink a lot and pay attention to the body's signals, according to the spokesman for the district of Wittenberg. The health authorities and the Ministry of Social Affairs also provide tips on how to deal with heat on their websites. According to the ministry's website, there is a particular need to react preventively to older people who need care.

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