Source: DA seeks to indict Robert Durst over the death of his ex-wife

In the coming weeks, a New York prosecutor will file charges against Robert Durst, a millionaire real estate scion, for the death Kathie Durst's ex-wife, a source familiar with the matter said to The Associated Press Friday.

Source: DA seeks to indict Robert Durst over the death of his ex-wife

Mimi Rocah, Westchester District Attorney, decided recently to refer the case to a grand jury in the following week or so, according to the person. The person was not allowed to discuss the matter publicly and spoke only under condition of anonymity. According to the person, the grand jury process will take approximately a month.

Kathie Durst disappeared, and Robert Durst, now 78, has been missing for many years. This was highlighted in an HBO documentary, in which he appears to have admitted killing people. It culminated last month in his California conviction for murdering a confidante, whom prosecutors claim helped him cover Kathie Durst’s death.

Friday's Westchester district attorney's Office received a message seeking comment. It previously stated that it had reopened its investigation into Kathie Durst’s death. A spokesperson for Rocah's office stated that its investigation was continuing in a statement released after Durst was convicted last month.

David Chesnoff Durst's lawyer said that he doesn't respond to rumors.

Robert Durst, who is currently in Los Angeles jail, will be sentenced to death Oct. 14 for his 2000 murder of Susan Berman. A mandatory sentence of life imprisonment without parole is imposed on him for his first-degree murder conviction.

Durst is the eccentric heir to a New York City family of developers. He is now frail and sick. Durst, who is now unable to hear due to hearing difficulties, sat in a wheelchair and spoke in a slow, raspy voice during his defense. He also read the questions of his lawyer from a tablet that provided live transcriptions.

Los Angeles prosecutors claim Durst shot Berman in her Los Angeles home on December 2000, as Berman was about to reveal her role in Kathie Durst’s death. According to prosecutors, she had previously told her friends that she was providing a fake alibi for Durst after his wife disappeared.

He is a narcissistic psychopath. After Durst was convicted in the Los Angeles case, John Lewin, Deputy District Attorney, stated that Durst had killed his wife and continued to kill to cover it all.

Kathie Durst, then 29, was in her last months of medical school when the tragedy struck. She had been 29 years old at the time. Robert Durst was 38 when she vanished. They had been married for nearly nine years. They lived in South Salem near the Connecticut border. Her body was not found. Her family requested that she be declared legally dead in 2017.

Robert Durst told police that he had taken Kathie Durst to New York City on the night she disappeared. He also claimed to have had a drink with his neighbor, then called Kathie Durst via telephone while Kathie remained at their Manhattan apartment. He said that they had been fighting earlier in evening. Kathie Durst was admitted to the hospital with facial injuries that she claimed were caused by Robert Durst a few weeks prior.

He admitted to lying about his conversation with Kathie Durst and the details of seeing his neighbor in the HBO documentary "The Jinx" (2015). He said he did this because he "hoped that it would just make everything disappear."

The same documentary shows Durst muttering to himself, as he was confronted by filmmakers with evidence linking him and Berman's murder.

Robert Durst, who split with Kathie Durst back in 1990, citing abandonment, was never charged in Kathie's disappearance, despite numerous attempts to close the case over the years. In 1999, authorities reopened the case and searched a lake and the couple’s home.

Durst fled the scene to Galveston Texas where he was charged with killing Morris Black, a neighbor. Durst then ripped apart Black's body, and threw it out to sea. Durst claimed that he was acting in self-defense because he and Black were trying to control a gun. He was eventually acquitted. Durst was found guilty of destroying evidence to dispose of body parts.

Durst testified in the Los Angeles trial and denied that Kathie Durst was killed. Her medical school called her to inform her that she wasn't attending class. Durst said that he thought she was having fun and that drug use might be to blame.

Durst testified that it hadn't occurred "to me" that anything had been done to Kathie in August. "It was more like, what had Kathie done Kathie?"

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