Tacoma police officer'not a Stereotypical criminal,' Marriage insists after pedestrians struck

Police union officials at Tacoma, Wash. , blasted city leaders Wednesday for questioning the strategies of an officer found on movie striking a set of pedestrians over the weekend after reacting to reports of street-racing.

Tacoma police officer'not a Stereotypical criminal,' Marriage insists after pedestrians struck

"With one hand, the town touts it involves an independent evaluation of this incident that happened downtown Saturday night," a police union statement reads. "Together with the flip side, the town passes judgment about the concerned officer and Tacoma police officials implying wrongdoing and criminality resisted by stereotypical tendencies"

Video footage posted on societal media seemed to reveal a minumum of one man struck by the authorities car that Phan was allegedly driving.

"Enough. The officer -- a decorated 30-year officer and member of the Tacoma community using a leading album who hails from Southeast Asia -- isn't a stereotypical criminal. He's a person and a dedicated public servant who responded to some violent mob seeking to do him injury," the announcement continued.

The episode has split into Tacoma community in recent days. It prompted a bunch to place numerous fires and harm companies throughout the road in the Pierce County courthouse on Sunday. A reporter by Seattle's KIRO-TV submitted a movie that showed police officers standing outside a company that had its windows shattered.

The union is calling for town officials to refrain from ruling until an independent evaluation is complete.

"Let them acquire information from officers on scene that had been hoping to tackle a violent audience that had only participated in continued and wanton criminal action in the core of the city. Let them talk to civilians who suffered a mob of road racers wreak havoc in our roads," according to the police marriage announcement.

"To the town's leaders: allow due process run its program. "To our neighborhood: thank you for your service. Through this, realize that we'll continue to serve you with ethics and honor in keeping our city safe."

Ake stated no arrests were created in relation to the illegal street racing on Saturday night due to the"disorderly" scene, Q13 FOX reported. He added that three individuals were arrested following the protests in the region.

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