Brandon Michon's recent speech to the Loudoun County School Board circulated broadly on Social Networking

The Virginia dad whose current furious outburst contrary to local college closures went viral informed"Tucker Carlson Tonight" Thursday he expects his message will hit leaders on each side of the aisle so kids can start to go back to their classrooms after fighting through weeks of digital learning.

Brandon Michon's recent speech to the Loudoun County School Board circulated broadly on Social Networking

"Look, we have gone to these college board meetings and as parents, you understand, our voice was not being discovered," he informed Carlson.

"So what happened was when I got up there, you understand, my blood began massaging just a bit. And as I started talking, I said,'Look, I need them to listen to me. I need them to appear and listen,' and I believe we have got some recognition from this."

Michon known as the board members"a lot of cowards," and accused them of"hiding our kids as a justification for keeping schools shut."

At one stage, the dad exploded in anger, noting that"the garbage employees who choose up my freakin' crap risk their lives daily longer than anybody in this school program "

He then issued an ultimatum to the board"Figure it out! Or eliminate the podium. There are people such as me and lots of different people around who will happily take your chair and find it out. It is not a top bar. Boost the freakin' pub!"

Michon confessed the educators are"trying their best," telling Carlson that they had been"thrown in these situation and that I really feel for them.

Kids, teachers, what we need is back them in colleges learning and being kids."

Michon's outburst wasn't political in character, he advised Carlson, but had been aimed at unsuccessful elected officials that"sit back and let other men and women lead".

"That is all about the kids," he explained. "This is not about a political party."

"What I said and what I had been enthused about is, look, if you are not likely to direct -- this nation was built on powerful leaders -- take some time into the side," he added. "That is OK, and allow others step in that void. If you are not going to receive our children back, create a plan and implement it. You may fall somewhat short but it's much better than no strategy in any way."

Michon invited other parents to talk up and make their voices heard in local school board meetings throughout America.

Phone in. Compose an email. Attempt to generate some change," he recommended.

"Attempt to get our children back in school, since our children are the most important asset within our own life and them being being educated is we need to appear forward to, since they're likely to be caring for us when we are older."

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