Three very tension-filled moments on TV that marked Election Night

It is almost a tradition.

Three very tension-filled moments on TV that marked Election Night

It is almost a tradition. Each election night, politicians of all walks of life sat on TV sets with invective, outrage, and a sense of humour.

The candidates of the Nupes left-wing alliance were targeted in this year's 2022 legislative election. They fought back as you can see below.

Alexis Corbiere, who was furious at Philippe Corbe, a BFMTV reporter, set the tone right after the announcement of results at 8:05 p.m. He shared with viewers his estimates of how many seats were distributed at the Elabe Institute assembly at the end the second round.

These estimates indicate that Jean-Luc Melenchon wouldn't be made Prime Minister. "You don't know! ", and then he cuts him severally the candidate of Nupes. He was re-elected in Seine-Saint-Denis' first round.

Clementine Autain, his colleague, criticized the "Muppet Show", spectacle of the right-hand present on the set: Guillaume Peltier (Reconquete), Rachida Dani (Les Republicains), and Jordan Bardella(National Rally). "No contempt!" There are evenings full of defeats as well as evenings full of triumph. "Retorted Guillaume Peltier, you have to learn.

"Well, precisely, I think there, you could lower the caquet slightly", replied Clementine Autain, a Reconquest candidate who was eliminated in round one.

Rachida Dati is clearly not able to bear it and urges Clementine autain "lower your voice".

Clementine Autain continues to speak out about the cost of living, and those who challenge her on pasta prices, Rachida Datti cuts it again, resulting in a lunar exchange.

Anne-Claire Coudray interrupts the discussion. She then welcomes new guests to the set in the hope that they will be "wiser" than their predecessors.

A second pass of arms took place a little later in evening on the set France 2. This time it was between Sandrine Rousseau (Nupes candidate in Paris) and Stephane Le Foll (ex-Minister of Agriculture), who refused to join the left-wing alliance headed by Jean-Luc Melenchon. Sandrine Rousseau invites Sandrine Rousseau to the union of left and invokes a door-todoor moment with the French during the campaign. However, former minister of Francois Hollande cut her off.

Anne-Sophie Lapix, a journalist, was quick to respond to this comment. Many Internet users also responded, denouncing the sexist sequence.

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