P Apst Francis – a man of his Word : At the foot of the head

Wim Wenders has filmed a documentary about Pope Francis. He was very close to the man – and he lost his distance in an invaluable way.

 P Apst Francis – a man of his Word  : At the foot of the head
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    "Jesus Christ was first socialist," said Evo Morales, Bolivia's socialist president, a few years ago. Perhaps politician also sees Pope Francis as a kind of comrade. In Wim Wenders ' documentary, Pope Francis – a man of his word is seeing a scene at an airport: head of state and church pose for a common photo and Morales raises his left fist.

    That Francis is at least a particularly political pope, who is at centre of a global societal change – that is thrust of Wenders ' film. Relatively early in film, pope responds to a child's question that we "live in a world where re are so many resources to feed ors." and furr, "if we share our food, we will not be poorer, but richer." In current political debate in this country, in which poor of world have a worse position than ever before, such a sentence, formerly regarded as a little tricky, would already have political explosive power.

    The initiative to make a documentary about Pope was directed by Dario Viganò, n director of Centro Televisivo Vaticano (CTV), who also produced film. Wenders received unusually extensive access to Vatican archives and a lot of time with church leader himself assured. It is not uncommon for organizations or individuals to choose to treat a filmmaker or a journalist privileged for strategic reasons. In principle, a stimulating film can come out.

    Pope Francis – a man of his word consists of three parts: We meet Pope on way, at events, during visits to prisons and refugee camps or on plane during a question round with journalists. Sometimes material comes from CTV, sometimes it turned Wenders with his team. When pope meets population, se passages all have a similar pattern. So hopelessly situation of respective people – from very different, in rare cases even self-inflicted reasons – is: The Pope raptures m all. Also robbery some men in Neapolitan prison chant: "Pa-pa Fran-ces-CO".

    The core of film is made by Wenders ' interviews, which he conducted with pope for several years in various places in Vatican. These passages, however, have no conversational character, because viewer does not hear questions. The pope speaks directly to audience, which may, among or things, have advantage that se images also work intensely when someone looks at movie sometime on a smartphone. Most people who are seen in Wenders ' film will not have opportunity (or money) to watch movie in cinema.

    As a framework plot, Wenders has finally reposted scenes from life of Franz of Assisi, revered by Catholic Church, as a kind of role model for current pope. A crank camera from 1920s is used, which is why sometimes very appealing impression arises, it is about excerpts from a black and white silent film.

    Date Of Update: 15 June 2018, 12:02

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